12.5 of Topiramate every 2 weeks due to side effects

I was trying to go up 12.5 mg every week and was up to 50 mg on Monday and had been having a daily cough already but it became a horrible bronchial asthma type cough. I talked to the doctor and was told to go back to 37.5 because it was a side effect. I did that on Tuesday and already notice a big difference today, so I guess it was from the medicine. I guess I will have to titrate up slower than I wanted to. My patience is running out :frowning:


Hi Donna: I was unable to take the topa but there are many on ths board who have done extremely well with it. As I understand it they started and stayed at a very low dose for some time and titrated up oh so slowly. I am glad you are feeling better on the lower dose. Good luck and hang in there! Take care,