2 weeks on MAV diet

2 weeks on the diet…10 days on Celexa…no real changes :frowning:

I see Dr. Baloh in a week and a half.

Maybe my expectations were a little too lofty to expect to see some major changes, but I was still hoping :slight_smile:

I did have a pretty good weekend (relatively speaking) though. Today, back to ugghh city :?

We shall see…


A pity the combo hasn’t shown you notable benefit yet. Perhaps, like some folks on this board, you have additional idiosyncratic food sensitivities, or will respond better to a different pharmaceutical or dosage.

Todd – it will be very interesting to hear what Baloh has to say. Hope you can record it or take some good notes for others to learn from if possible. He must hear these stories daily. It’s probably like reading the weather forecast for him.

S :slight_smile:

Hey Todd -

I think I read that dietary changes help only about a quarter of us. It’s still worth trying, though, since there are no side effects and maybe you’re one of the lucky ones it will help.

As for meds, I think that can take weeks - and it was more like 3 months for Topamax to start working for me. Patience is the operative word here! Best of luck to you.

I concur with MaryAlice - the meds really do take a while to work. It’s slow and steady. No overnight cure I’m afraid. A Benzo might help you intermittently with very rough patches.

Good luck with Baloh.


What dose celexa are you on? Have you had any effects, good or bad?

20 mg for 13 days now.

No real changes to speak of. I did have a pretty good weekend (this past weekend), but Monday and Tuesday have been rotten.

From what I hear, 13 days is not nearly enough to get an indicator of whether or not this medication will work for me?

Also, Dr. Baloh may tweak my medication dosage level upon my visit.

I will heed Scott’s advice and tape record my visit with him next Wednesday.

Fly out of Spokane at 5:00 am to Los Angeles. Arrive back in Spokane at midnight that same day…marathon day :shock: