2013 Meet Ups: London Jan/Feb & anyone in Miami/Florida May?

Bonjour tout le monde,

So I thought we had decided a date for Feb (Tue 5th Feb) but a. did we agree on this? and b. does anyone want to put a January date in? If yes to January, what dates can you all do?

I can do Thur January 3rd, and then any date from Mon January 7th through the whole month.

Also, on a purely selfish shout out, I’m headed to Naples, Florida in early May for a wedding. Flying into Miami for a week or so first. If anyone is hiding out around that area, would love to meet for a dizzy chat stateside! :smiley:


hi = thursdays are best for me, i can do 24th jan or more preferable would be thursday 31st Jan - are either of these any good for a South London meet up?


Beep beep…anyone out there??? sobs

Thursday 31st Jan is good for me. Or anyone wanna do an earlier date too and also the 31st? MM - how are you feeling now you are back to the daily grind?? xxxx

Im easy!!! Just let me know where and when


Hi all I can do thurs 31st of January ;)- sorry guys been rubbish at replying lately so busy with my toddlers xxx

31st is fine with me

OK 31st it is. Shall we stick to All Bar One? Prob be dead after Christmas!!! 7pm again or do people want earlier time so can come straight from work?? xx

6:00 meet?

sounds good. It’s in the diary!

6 fine by me! X

Sorry I’m not around in those places for either of the meet-ups, hope you have a good time though :slight_smile:

is this still happening?