Hey all,

I have been completely unmedicated now for about a month and my dizziness is beginning to increase in frequency and duration again. I feel like I am beggining to slip back into the 24/7 dizziness again because the non-dizzy moment are getting farther apart and shorter in duration. :frowning:

Brain, Sorry your starting to get the dizziness again.

I would give almost anything to be able to get off of medications.

Did you go off of your medication due to you were feeling better?

I am off of the meds because the last one I had success with wore off after a number of years. We tried a few others recently with no success on the dizziness side of things and terrible side effects. I am about to try another med if we can ever find anyone that will fill it AND accept my insurance.


Sorry to hear that’s happening. It really stinks doesn’t it? When I came off Paxil 8 weeks ago I had a really good 10 days or so where I thought, wow, I think I can get by without a med now – that I’ll just keep lifestyle in check and hit valium when things flare up. Not to be. As the weeks progressed the dizziness and headaches crept back in at an increasing frequency. And now I’m back on Pax again while I decide plan Z.

What med did you have in mind next?


That had to be very disapointing that the med quit working. I am very medication sensitive. I always dislike trying new meds because Im afraid of whats going to happen.

I tried Effexor but withing 20 min felt like I was on fire and had to go lay down in my bed. I was messed up for a day over one pill. I cant remember what strength it was.
Right now I am on neurontin going up to 1800mg within a three week period.

I can understand your frustration with insurance. I am currently without any. My neurologist wants to switch me to topomax but is waiting for me to get medicaide but that seems to be turning into a huge issue just trying to get it. Ugh the things we go thru.

Im also interested in what med you are trying next. We all have such diferant reactions to medication.
Im hoping you find one soon that will help you. Please keep us updated. Wishing you the best!

Since I have a dual diagnoses these days, I am going to be trying betahistine (Serc/Antivert). Appaerently there has been some research recently regarding the possibility of this med working with migraines. Add into that other countries experience with possible treatment for meniere’s… Any way, it boils down to this is one of the last meds for me so, I will be giving it a go.

Brian B these diseases are horrible to put it nicely. The medication sounds like a logical choice and it sounds like you have done your homework. Im wishing you the best and please come back and let us know how it works for you. I also have the dual diagnosis.