240 Verapamil

Dear all,

Recently, my doctor increased my dose to Veramapil to 240mg, it’s been 30 days and no signs of improvement. I have some questions. First, do you think it is time to e-mail him and tell him that I am not improvivg or should I wait the full 6 weeks.

Secondly, I have finished my VRT, since they said I have MAV I don’t need to go. DO you think I should start again?

Since starting the Verapmil, I did have 10 days free of dysequilibrium. My symptoms are I have A ROCKING SENSATION in my haed and I feel like I’m walking on air. It’s been one year and 1/2 and I’ve made major life style changes. I’ve moved and given up my carrer in NYC, and now live in FLa with my parents. So I am no longer living the hustle and bustle life. I eat well and I don’t drink.

I feel like I am on a boat everyday.

My mother ran into a woman at the drug store who told her I should have a test done to measure my blood vessels. Has anyone ever heard of this???had it done?

THis has also casued major depression with me. I have never been depressed before. They recently switched me from Zoloft to Lexapro and I take COlanpan when needed.

I welcome any advice.

My doctor was voted #2 neuro in NYC, according to ny magazine,and I don’t have the strength to see and more. I’ve been to 11 doctors. I welcome any advice, and I wish you all the very best,

Hi Cara,

I’m newly diagnosed with MAV and still learning but I thought VRT was standared for MAV.


VRT is most often not helpful until the problem is stabilised with medication or other treatments (dietary changes etc.). Individuals with MAV often find no improvement and often feel worse some time after session.

That is what my doctor said too.

Autonomic Testing is used to test your blood supply, pressure and so forth. I just went thru a battery of these tests. Really confusing to explain, but you can find them on the web. also Thermoregulatory Sweat Test is used also.

I am new to the forum, just dx maybe with MAV after having been told it was Bilateral Menieres for 10 years, shunt surgery, lots of meds, and VNS last year and VRT still no improvment.