30mg Cymbalta a good dose?

Lifelong history of anxiety and depression. Varying degrees of vertigo since 2009. I have now been on 30mg of this since June. My depression is 90% better, while anxiety and vertigo are only 30-50% better. I was actually on 60mg of this drug in 2007 (pre-vertigo days), but i tapered off of it a year later due to sexual side effects.
The reason I’m concerned right now is because I’m experiencing different side effects this time. I’ve lost 7 pounds, my mouth gets dry, and I still get heart palpitations at least several times a week, even if i’m not anxious. Since i flat out refuse to go up to 60mg, do you guys think I should ask my GP about adding a beta blocker, or should i perhaps decrease my Cymb dose to 20mg? Also, after I stopped Cymbalta in 2008, I developed familial hypertension (no connection, I realize), but i can’t help but wonder if the hypertension is linked to my heart palps. The only other med I take now is Valium a few times a week. My last BP reading was 138/86, so i GUESS I wouldn’t bottom out if i took a baby dose of Propanolol, for instance?

Yes, if you don’t want to up your cymbalta then a beta blocker would be a great add on. Personally I’m at 50 mg cymbalta and it’s helped a lot.

I noticed a difference in my depression and anxiety on 30mg but it wasn’t enough. Now I am on 60mg which has taken care of my depression completely. I still do get anxious but no where near the chronic anxiety I faced when this MAV junk hit me. The cymbalta also improved my dizziness ever so slightly.

A “good” dose is the one that helps you. A lady on here did well on 20…I"ve been at 50mg for 3 years…I would rather be on 20, just because I think mentally I would feel better about it, but hey…gotta do what works.
Did you try the beta blocker?

a wee question - why would you be on cymbalta and propranalol? just learning, do you find that there are different symptoms that each help or do they balance one another. Does anybody find weight gain with either? may be silly questions but trying to understand so that I’ve options to approach doc re trying