31 year old with a 9 year VM/PPPD history

My understanding of compensation (having experienced it in the ‘true’ sense after my BPPV episode), is that it occurs over weeks & months rather than hours. After my BPPV was fixed with the Epley, I still had positional dizziness when my head was turned to my left side (BPPV side) and when facing straight down for a few weeks. This positional dizziness gradually went away as I did the habituation exercises, but my VM/PPPD symptoms were unchanged throughout this process.

What I was referring to was simply the fact that a lot of the time, the VM symptoms seem to reduce in intensity (over the course of 1-2 hours) if I ‘push through’ the unpleasantness, which doesn’t seem right somehow, since it seems like the migraine should be further ‘triggered’ rather than alleviated. Just wondering what other people’s experiences are with this.

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For sure, I was dizzy/imbalanced for 3.5 years! Now I hardly ever have issues with my balance, nor vertigo. But who knows if that’s a mixture of compensation and other improvements? Was there something neurological that has recovered? Was it an inner ear improvement? I don’t think I will ever get an answer.

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Where in the USA are you from? I also live in the USA. You have a lot of good info and feedback

I’m in Maryland/Delaware/Virginia region. I’m a bioinformaticist, so although not a doctor, I know how to sift through bullshit vs reality :joy:

2 posts were split to a new topic: I appreciate so much that you’re better now and still find the time to talk to all of us

How are you feeling now @nycsg

I’ve taken propranolol for a total of 4 weeks now - 2 weeks at 60mg, another 2 at 80mg, and just today jumped to 120mg extended release.

Overall I’m a bit better (maybe 30%), although there’s a lot of fluctuation. I am able to work on a screen from home (though I definitely have a mild to moderate amount of discomfort while working) and I’ve started heading into the office for half days 2x a week. Still haven’t tried watching TV. Sometimes when I’m at home and not too active, I can have a couple of hours where I feel 75% back to baseline, but it doesn’t stay that way when I get more active or do something visually triggering (like TV). However, in general, I don’t feel house bound anymore - I can function in shopping malls and stores, I can move around the city via public transit, and I can hang out with friends at my home or theirs. All of these activities cause a fair amount of discomfort so I don’t do them a lot, but I no longer feel like I’m having a seizure and/or panic attack when I attempt them. I still randomly manage to trigger terrible episodes of dizziness & depersonalization a few times a week, but they seem to be shorter lived - the worst passes within an hour and then the hangover lasts another few hours.

So I seem to be making progress, although it isn’t quick. My 24/7 symptoms are still quite elevated compared to pre-COVID but they’re starting to become less intrusive. The really bad episodes of dizziness/depersonalization are settling down quicker. And the light and sound sensitivity is showing a meaningful downtrend also.

Now that I’m at 120mg ER propranolol, I plan to stay at this level for the next 4 weeks and then re-assess whether to try another medication or stay on the propranolol. I am getting better, but I am wondering whether it’s the propranolol or simply time that’s making the difference.

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