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I was just gonna ask again, since Im going to see Alice in Wonderland in 3d (probably, am still a bit scared tbh); for those who saw avatar in 3d, how was it? I know some had some trouble afterwards… Did you get back to baseline eventually? was it worth it in the end? I really wanna see Avatar in 3d too, even tho the story seems crap, but Ive been reluctant due to fear of increased dizziness.

I dont have problems with lots of shaking cameras and stuff at the cinema (had visual-sensitivity lie crazzzy round christmas tho but that’s gone again thank god; mustve been stress or something that triggered it).

ty :slight_smile:

Avatar ruined my entire weekend about a month ago. Took me about 3 days to recover completely.

I think others have seen it here and were ok. Give it a go.


Thank you Scott; Ill give it a go matey :slight_smile:

just now back from the movie (its 3 am); it was pretty dire and I would not recommend it really. However I don’t feel too bad but I definately feel more motion, especially when closing my eyes. I hope it will subside and go back to normal by tomorrow.

3d was cool for a while, but it wasn’t THAT spectacular; at least not in this movie. I bet Avatar was more awesome though.

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I saw “Avatar” a few weeks back… but without 3D so Saturday Night i decided to go see “Alice in Wonderland” with 3D (thought i would be brave)…well the film itself was ok…but not great in my opinion but i only had to move my face away from the screen a few times and overall i came out of the theatre doing better than expected. AFter the movie we went to dinner…had Fettucine Alfredo with a glass of White Zinvandel. I was still fine by the time i got home and went to sleep. Woke up this morning around 7am, turned my body over to the right side and began to feel vertigo like symptoms…very spinny in my head. I had to run to the bathroom and throw up… I don’t know if the Alice in Wonderland 3D and glass of Wine mixture took me over the top or something else?? Even though i came out of the theatre doing relatively well…maybe the side affects (from the 3d movie) don’t hit you till a few hours later?? I am so fragile!!!

I personally belive the 3d movie caught up to me hours later. I lost a whole day mostly sleeping. I will most likely call in sick tomorrow because it takes me a couple of days to get back on track. :frowning:

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


I’m not that adventurous, but I do like movies - I decided I just can’t afford to be off work any more than I really, really have to. So I’m not going to take a chance on any 3D movies. As long as they keep offering the 2D alternative showings, that’s what I’m going to choose.

Like Scott said once, our brains are more like thoroughbred race horses or divas than other people’s brains: they have “requirements” and they like things to be “just so,” and I prefer not to upset mine if I can help it.

Felt I had to post as similarities with my experience are bizarre. I was feeling reasonably ok yesterday (sunday) and went to see Alice in 3D with my husband and kids. Felt okayish during it and quite enjoyed it. Afterwards felt a bit spaced out (but often do when I’ve been to the cinema). Went to bed reasonably early for me and had good night’s sleep.

Anyway, woke up this morning for work, feeling a bit tired but not too bad. Got out of bed and WHAM! Could barely stand up straight - room spinning etc. Went back to bed and called in sick. Slept all morning the sleep of the dead. It’s now 3.35pm and have to pick kids up from school soon and still feeling a bit unsteady, not to say quite anxious.

I had a +ve diagnosis of MAV last Monday by a lovely Neur-otologist at the National in London. Horrific afternoon of testing - I’ll post more about it on a new thread later as I had some interesting results. The Caloric test was worse than giving birth. She said MAV patients suffer the most with this! I feel the whole experience set me back somewhat symptom-wise but hopefully it was worth it to get a proper diagnosis (as opposed to ‘just anxiety’ or Meniere’s which I was diagnosed with before). She said I was textbook MAV but with vestibular disorder on the left. Don’t quite understand this but as I said I’ll post a new thread later when I’ve survived picking kids up from school (I need an anxious Smiley here but can’t find one)!


Hey Dizzyizzy,

Sounds like both of us had similar experiences…although i had to throw up and i think you were lucky that you didnot. Whenever i have vertigo most of the time it really does a number on my stomach and i have to visit the bathroom.

Alice in Wonderland will be the last 3d movie i ever attend!


I only had more motion the same night; the next day I was pretty much back to normal… Well slightly more dizzy but nothing bad really. Tried not to think too much about it either, cause I thorougly believe that if u CAN handle it, then do it. If not for actual physical benefit then for belief in your self and what u’re capable of.

I thought 3d was kinda silly tbh, didn’t like it much. Not sure if it was just the movie though and I will give it another go sometime in the future. Even though I felt really spaced-out just afterwards (getting out on the street with all the streetlights and partyanimals howlering was just a bit bizzare, felt dreamish).