5 HTP anyone?


Was wondering if anyone had tried 5 HTP for this. It’s a herbal serotonin enhancer along the lines of St John’s Wort. I already take 80 mg of propanonol a day but can’t go up on it as I can already barely keep awake as it is. I was going to throw an SSRI in to the mix but decided to give 5 HTP a go first to try and avoid side effects. Took my first one today so I’ll keep you posted.

Whilst I’m here is there anyone else out there with punishing light sensitivity. The majority of my symptoms are currently triggered by any exposure to sunshine, which is making life very hard as it’s now summer here in England.



Hi Hannah,

Nice to see you back. I’m sorry you’re still suffering with the light sensitivity.

My understanding is that 5 HTP is an amino acid that converts to serotonin. I know personally of people who have been satisfied with some minimal improvements in depression with St. John’s Wort. Let us know how it goes with 5 HTP.

Since we talked last, I’m doing well on Zoloft, with no SEs since the titration.


Hey Julie,

Really glad to hear you are doing well on the SSRI. I am thinking of trying effexor but thought I’d give this a go first as I am pretty scared of SE’s and the discontinuation syndrome. I have devolved back in to more severe symptoms as summer has hit in England. Going in the sun is the equivalant of drinking a load of caffeine, so unless I choose to stay inside with the blinds drawn I have no choice but to rev up my ssymptoms at the moment. Pretty depressing.

I’m getting serious about supplements all round and am doing a magnesium, B2 and 5HTP regime. Fingers crossed I get some relief.



Fingers are crossed.

Keep us posted and I’ll hope for a cloudy summer in England.