I’ve not seen it mentioned on this forum but wondered if anyone has had any success with 5-HTP for treating MAV?

Reason I ask is I started taking some about 10 days ago with some level of success - OK so I probably went up to too high a dose too quickly and got some nausea symptoms after 6 days but it seems to have had a big impact on my mood and anxiety. I left off it yesterday to give my stomach a chance to settle but will try again in a few days at a lower dose. It seems to have given me the effect that I was expecting from the SSRI’s but with no other side effects apart from the nausea feeling, and apart from a bad day yesterday it seems to have helped a bit with my headaches.

I realise I need to be careful with this as I’m also on Nortriptylene but as I only take 10mg of that I think it’s OK to take some 5-HTP?

My headache doc wanted to try the magnesium, 5 HTP, etc. route, but sadly none of them worked for me. I think I was WAY to depressed and so horribly chronic with my MAV symptoms, that only daily preventatives would work for me. I’m so glad you are having success with it thus far!!!

If I recall correctly, there was a man who posts on Healthboards who claims to have benefited greatly from 5-HTP. You might want to search that forum and read about his experience.