I’m considering 5-htp to try to boost serotonin levels. Anyone else ever tried this?


Hi Chuck,

Both Marci and I have used this. It does work at boosting serotonin levels and was excellent for me in helping me to dump St John’s Wort. It worked well for a while but in no way did anything for migraine. In the end I had two side effects which forced me to move one: gut upset and massive tiredness 2-3 hours after a dose (which for me was only 25-50 mg daily). If you want to try it use the Jarrow brand and order it from here:


Check out this forum for 5HTP:


Scott 8)

Hi Chuck,

As Scott said, I tried 5HTP too. It made me feel even more tired than I already did, so I quit taking it after a few weeks. I prefer St. John’s Wort. I take it all at night rather than dosing throughout the day. I do this mainly because I can never seem to remember to take anything during the day. :?