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5 years of this

How true.

Just live for today. Live for your next appointment with the consultant in August whilst YOU try to establish triggers and work out what helps you whilst waiting. Leave the future to take care of itself for now. My Granny used to say ‘Jump your stiles when you get to them’! Worry about what you can control, food, light, noise etc. Not what you have no control over. Nobody can predict the future. Helen


Is a trigger feeling dizzy straight after ive eaten it? Also noise lights ppl talk about they triggers? Loud music does make my ears hurt. So ear plugs in every handbag? Im 37 going on 90 with this crap. 5 neurologist later and i still dont understand vm.

Yes. All can be triggers.

And meds can make u be a mormal.person go out loud noises eat mcdonalds … or am i dreaming?.

Given time and gradually, yes to great extent. You will need to cut triggers for a while, few months maybe, and maybe make some lifestyle changes. Taking meds is the best chance you have now it has developed. It is not going to disappear like magic on its own. Meds helped me. Read my diary. Just read the post near the end on ‘photophobia’ dated ‘1 February’ As an example.

I did diet all of it and 2017 i was good but it returned.i will read x

All the possible options can provide respite. They can prevent symptoms occurring. They are not a ‘cure’. Stop the diet, stop the meds, and symptoms return. You need to keep on with the preventatives. Helen

How do I know if it’s md

By ‘md’ presumably you mean Menieres Disease? A neurologist/neuro-otologist or maybe an ENT consultant will give you a diagnosis. Helen

I’ve seen 4 and they said no but does me have to be hearing loss as the giveaway

Well, if four have said “No”. Perhaps you need to stop worrying about md and start believing them. They are very intelligent, well educated people. Helen