6C diet- which hot drinks are ok and is carob allowed?

Does anyone have ideas for hot drinks for my 11 yr old. She has decaf tea (2-3 cups a day) but I was going to try and stop this as her headaches are getting more frequent (she has had a new one every day since thur).
I know she won’t like herbal tea but is hot licks or ovaltine ok? I did find another drink that holland& barrette sell that is meant to taste a bit like coffee.

Is caffine free diet coke ok ( am letting her have 1 glass a day) I buy Asdas own make which doesn’t contain aspartame ( has sucralose and acesulfame k)?

Someone mentioned carob to me as a chocolate alternative is this allowed?

This is off topic but can she have unsmoked bacon? Doesn’t mention it on 6cS but have read that it isn’t ok as has nitrates. Same with Heinz tomatoe ketchup and tomatoes in general please.

I have bought her some prawns for lunch, is there any type of vinegar she can have with them?

Sorry for the long list but we are struggling with the diet as she didn’t eat many different foods in the first place and most of these are now banned on the 6c diet.

White vinegar is innocent.

Carob has no caffeine, but it may or may not be a category of fruit that is okay.

Ovaltine is a malt beverage; malted anything may be forbidden.

Some people complain about sucralose, Caffeine-free means what it says, so unless the phosphoric acid in colas offends, the sweetener is probably the question.

There is such a thing as bacon and even sausage without smoke or nitrates or nitrites or etc. Good-tasting, too. Still not the healthiest food there is, but in moderation . . .

I have no prob with tomatoes, but some are bothered by the entire nightshade family.

'decaffeinated" definitely has caffeine – I can feel it!

Water? I’ve been cutting slices of fresh ginger in hot water – delicious :slight_smile: