A feel-good

Last week I got an email from a customer I thought I’d lost. I’ve served Chad’s family (as an electrician) for a number of years, but last year I thought I’d finally driven him away. When I was so sick, but still trying to work a full day when needed, I struggled to manage some troubleshooting that just continued to defeat me. His wife and young child came home, and the circuit remained off. I stopped the (billing) clock, and told him I wouldn’t leave til I got it. I kept working into the evening, until I couldn’t think any more, and had to admit I had to stop.

He took off work the next day to be there and take notes for me as I pulled things apart one more time. Finally, I sorted out what had been screwed up over the years, and got things working safely. But even though I’d given him a large break on the bill, I knew I had not done anything like the kind of work he deserved.

Pity, I thought: he used to refer his neighbors to me. But what can you do? I can’t be counted on, not the way I was over the years.

Now, though, not that many months later, without any inquiry as to my fitness, he messaged me that he wanted me back to install this and that. That’s trust. Felt TERRIFIC.

That’s wonderful. I am very happy for you. :slight_smile:

So nice to hear things like this, David.

Hi David,

As an electrician as well I find troubleshooting difficult with this condition. It’s good to hear your story.

Nice one David :smiley: