A fellow sufferer on YouTube - lexapro fix

Hi Gang,

This is an interesting chat from a woman who suffered for a very long time – 19 years - complete with drop attacks! She says she went through every med under the sun until she hit the jackpot with Lexapro. Interesting how her headache specialist told her there was a serotonin imbalance in the balance area of her brain.

Scott 8)

Hey Scott,

I talked to that lady and she is taking both Lexapro and natalol for her dizziness. It help her. I asked Hain about Lexapro but he didn’t think that would help MAV.


Hi Scottie one thing interests me about the vid,
To my knowledge there are no blood test for psychiatric illness as far as I understand, yes they can use EEG’s to see the brain wave patterns for an epileptic, and I’ve read they can also pic up some types of bipolar brain wave patterns, but I’ve never heard of a blood test regarding GAD or psychiatric illness, I’m not even sure if serotonin levels can be measured by blood tests.
They must have been looking for thyroid causing hormonal problems, or something that could masquerade as psychiatric illness.

Do you know?