A good symptom tracking app?

Hi all,

This is my first time posting here. I must begin by saying how grateful I was to discover this site when I was diagnosed with MAV last winter. What a wild ride it’s been. It took half a year to diagnose, in the meanwhile, suffering terrifying dizziness and disabling headaches. My whole life ground to a halt. Still struggling with it after being on 3 different meds in the past 6 months. But hearing everyone’s experiences here have helped me feel less alone, thank you, all. :slight_smile:
Has anyone found a helpful iphone/ipad app to track symptoms? There are migraine apps out there (iHeadache), but I’d love to find one that can also track the vertigo at the same time, so that I could have a clearer picture to give doctors/specialists?

Thanks so much!
Oh, and if I’ve posted in the wrong spot, forgive me. First timer, trying to get the hang of this. :roll: