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…especially if you are interested in trying to find the actual underlying cause of your ‘affliction’, and perhaps help in ‘fixing’ it!

I was in contact with Karen for a while before my Menieres tree grew another branch, and before I found this forum.
I have been re-reading the document “Menieres Symptoms Study guide” that she sent me via e-mail, which I would like to share with you, but have no idea how to send, as I have it saved as a PDF (??) file. ( I.T. challenged, as mentioned before!:blush:)

However, this is their website www.menieres-disease.ca , although I can’t seem to find the document in question available there - you could contact Karen if you’re interested - I found her personal response time pretty efficient - - - or I could e-mail it to you if you contact me via private message - that I can mange, I think!

They take a different look at how to treat Menieres et al, by breaking it down into different symptoms, - just be aware that they are agents for a specific brand of supplements which they claim have helped her husband become symptom for years. Whether you wish to go that route or not, I found her explanations in simple language helpful - and they make perfect sense to me.

Hope someone might find it useful!

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Yes I’ve seen that site Beth thanks! Imho the ultimate way to recover from MAV/Menieres is to find a way to calm the over pressure. That is probably a multifaceted task involving diet, stress reduction and incredible patience (or given the right circumstances it gets better with time)!!

I’m currently exploring the ‘diuretic diet’ and drinking a lot of Nettle Tea!

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Yes, initially I found Karen’s ‘search for the triggers’ a bit overwhelming - but have also come to agree that basically you need to keep the body healthy in order to let it heal itself without causing to much ‘side trauma’! - ie. the vertigo, tinnitus etc which is, as you say, basically caused by pressure from inflammation…
I still believe that some of us have a genetic weakness/ sensitivity that makes it worse for us - not that that helps with fixing it!

Enjoy your nettle tea - at least you are getting plenty of exercise with the increased bathroom visits:smiley:

Yes. Well a naturally diuretic diet makes sense ( and btw I am very suspicious that the ‘migraine’ diet is the same thing!!!)

If the ear is taking on too much fluid due to anti-diuretic action (well known to happen during stress for example ) you need to counter it with the opposite.

But another possibility is that if you injure a labyrinth window for any reason it becomes temporarily weakened until enough breakage builds up its strength again with scar tissue. That might explain why you have years of vertigo attacks then remission. There may also be a hysteresis effect after its broken for the first time where the pressure regulation overshoots the mean healthy pressure and may build up enough again to breach the injured window. I almost always get them lying down. There is something about that position which causes the most pressure …

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Yes, lying on the affected side is out for me - unless propped up to almost sitting position.

As for diet, I still think that moderation in all things is the best answer - except for known triggers, of course, along with enough liquid. I do realize that some people have an intolerance to more ‘things’ than others. I have always been ‘sensitive’ to caffeine - although a cup now and then seems to be fine.
Gentle diuretic action is fine - and probably a good idea, as long as not overdone as you don’t want to flush away too many essential salts either . Oh my - this balancing act is so complicated!!!

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Good point!

James the menieres site suggests that diuretics increase tinnitus! Thought I had better let you know asap :smiling_face:

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That makes ABSOLUTELY no sense?!

Btw my experience so far has been the opposite… (although it’s done nothing for vertigo)

Sorry about that. Also there is a theory about salt. Not on the menieres site but somewhere else which I can’t remember. Anyway, the thinking is salt actually helps to keep the body hydrated because it helps the kidneys retain fluid rather than releasing it with minerals. So we should eat salt! Whoopee, I like crisps!:smiling_face:


I think the diuretics on the site refers more to the chemical form, which are quite harsh, rather than from foods(?), although I would’nt overdo herbal teas either. Just my opinion!

Yeah, everything is a poison, it just depends on the dose!

I was addicted to Twinings’ ‘Sleepy’ tea for a while and I’m sure it poisoned my tongue muscle. I was having > 8 cups a day. I had to stop it.

Turns out one of its major ingredients is Verbena which is a neurotoxin at high doses:

Luckily my tongue recovered and I moved on to Spiced Ginger tea! :wink:

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Ja, herbal stuff is more potent than most give it credit for.
That being said - just about anything we put in our mouths can be ‘poison’, depending on which ‘diet’ you look at!! …even water!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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