A little something for a little relief

it’s just a little thing, but when you’re sick, any relief feels great, doesn’t it?

I’m sure most of you have heard of the Neti pot. My husband had great success with it over the winter during his sinus infection season. He loves it so much he still uses it twice a day - he’s a hard sell and it’s tough enough getting him to brush his teeth :slight_smile: but he never misses his Neti ritual.

My dizziness becomes most horrendous during the pollen season, so I decided last week to give it a shot. Well, that headachey feeling that I’ve described over the last few years (thought it was some kind of background migraine thing) - gone! Postnasal drip - gone! Even that exhausted-can’t-get-out-of-bed feeling I get during the allergy season - gone! I have no hopes for it clearing any of this dizziness, but I do have hopes that it will make the pollen season more tolerable and maybe I can continue to go outside and enjoy some of this spring weather - i’ve started to take 20 minute walks everyday, something I haven’t done in going on two years. So, something is working (my guess it that it’s mostly the Zoloft and Klonopin).

I guess this makes me not literally housebound anymore, huh? One less thing to be criticized for, one less thing to feel ashamed about. Do you think there is some driving in my future? :slight_smile:

Be well, all,


Thats’s great news Julie!!! :smiley:

Get this, about a year ago, I saw an “Oprah” show with a doctor who was telling all of the benefits of using a Neti Pot. They actually had a woman from the audience come up and try it out. I have a long history of sinus problems, so I immediately went and bought one. (I had to get it at the health food store). They did mention, that for some it was hard to get used to, because some felt like “they were drowning”, so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to handle it or not (I’m a wimp when it comes to water in the nose). (For anyone who doesn’t know what it is, its just flushing out your nostrils with saline (salt and water mixture).

Anyway, to make a long story short, I did it one time. It was a little uncomfortable, but ya know what? I’m pretty sure that I could get used to it.

Anyway, Thanks - because I’m getting my “Neti” out again tomorrow, and I will let you all know how it goes!!! I’ll take relief in any way I can!!! Thanks for bringing it up Julie - just the extra little push I need. “A little relief” can make a big difference!!!


I’m not sure i would have had the courage to try it if a friend of mine hadn’t been raving about it (she watches Dr. Oz on Oprah) and then watching my husband use it. As long as you keep breathing through your mouth it’s real easy.

The other thing, the first one we bought was plastic and didn’t make a good seal in the nostril. So we bought, for the same amount of money, a porcellain one which works so much better. Here’s the one we love:

isabellacatalog.com/prod.cfm … 6/inv/2097

Just keep breathing through your mouth, Kim :slight_smile:

Julie, my ENT had me get my first one in the mid 90’s, from the Himalayan institute on line. (Now they sell them at Whole Foods.) I’m a convert. So are both my daughters. (Hard to believe that I could convince college students to use the plastic ones in the shower, but they were sick of getting every virus in the dorm.)
Now we can talk kosher vs. sea salt, hypertonic vs. isotonic.
It’s so good to hear that things are going well.

I was afraid to try the sinus flush because of the pressure in my ears from migraine. Should I worry about that?


If anything, i think it relieves the pressure. I used to get earaches during allergy season - gone!

As you’re doing the flush, the water just flows through one nostril and out the other. If you just keep your mouth open and breath normally, it’s very comfortable.

Thanks for the tip Julie, I’m going out to source one today! I’ve suffered hayfever forever and in particular really itchy inner ear problems. I’m often wiggling my finger in my ear (definitely a no-no!) just to relieve the itch! I also have that horrible nose drip you referred to, constantly dabbing away at my nose with a tissue whilst trying to carry on a conversation with a friend, most embarrassing. To add to that, I catch every throat infection going around, so I’m going to give this a real good go, thanks for sharing :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok guys - I did it twice today, and thanks Julie - mouth open - worked like a charm!!!

I definitely was leary at first, but yes, I’m sold. It was only a little uncomfortable because you “feel like” its going to go up into your head, but like you said Julie, it goes in one side of your nose and comes out the other.

Rich, don’t worry about the ears. I have major complaints with my ears since this all started and using the Neti doesn’t bother them at all. Believe me, if it did, you would hear me complaining!!!

Yea, you’d be complaining - at ME! :slight_smile:

I don’t usually recommend things, but that’s how confident I felt in this little pot.

It’s not a modern invention. the Yogis use/used it to clear their sinuses before meditating - so they could “breathe…”

Those Yogis will do anything to get a better breath.

I swear, the porcellain one works much better, for the same price.

peace (oh, those were the hippies, well I guess they probably used these pots too :))