A minor success story

Haven’t posted this in the success stories section, cos I’m saving that for when I am completely better (ha ha, maybe that’s not going to happen, but I like to dream).

But I had a small success yesterday…

Last year I had terrible spells of room-spinning vertigo, lasting hours, and taking a couple of weeks to recover each time, during which I needed a walking stick, and then I had several months of false motion/visual vertigo etc. I was used to being active, and every time I had a spell where I felt a bit better I do go out for walks, and even running sometimes. I think forcing myself to do stuff even though I felt unsteady doing it really helped my recovery (plus my medication of course).

The last few months I’ve been well enough to get back to some kind of regular fitness regime, and yesterday I ran a 5 km charity run for Cancer Research UK. It’s always an emotional thing for me, as one of my children had cancer when he was younger, but this year was especially good celebrating his recovery and also being well enough to be able to run the course again, as last year I had to miss doing it.

I just wanted to share this small thing, to perhaps encourage other people that they can get back to a kind of normality.


Great news and thanks for sharing. It’s always good to know that people can and do feel better. And well done you for doing the run :smiley:

How goes the book club BTW?


Beechleaf - hey well done you on completing a 5K run. You should be proud and what a reason to celebrate with your son beating cancer - well done both!
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Hey Beech,

Congratulations on the 5K Run! It was for a good cause and you got thru it! Maybe one day i will be able to do the same.


More congrats from here. With or without MAV, not everyone has the moxy to do what they can when they can, after receiving a metaphorical kick in the gut.

You are a true inspiration - thanks for sharing.

Lovin it lovin it lovin it.

You’re a rock chick. Kiss ass!!


Congrats on your run. It’s great that you can do that, and from what I understand, the movement actually helps the brain in the compensation/recovery process.

Thanks guys, you’re all an amazing support to me :slight_smile:

Hey beechleaf!
Awesome, just awesome - congratulations to you and yours (brought a tear to my eye)! :slight_smile: