**A Package Deal?**

:slight_smile: And here is something else I’ve been thinking:

I wonder if there is a sub-group of folks with migraine who also have anxiety disorder. I think there is a “package deal” out there.

I think “migraine” is a condition that may display in many diferent symptoms and is basically a “dysautonomia”.

A somewhat sensitive nervous system.

How does one become hardier?

I think the anxiety develops after experiencing rotational vertigo. It definitely is a package deal. However, some docs try and blame the vertigo on the anxiety, and in some cases that might be true, but I know in my case the vertigo came first, which produced bad anxiety problems…

It is a chicken/egg thing. I know I was high strung before I started having dizziness problems…and I would have 1-2 anxiety attacks a year. Now I get them 1-2 a week and sometimes more. I know that my dizziness is not “in my head” but one does wonder what really is effecting what.

I know there is a study out there that discusses anxiety issue in relation to vestibular disorders. I don’t know the name of it though.