A possible break through!

So had bloods done last week and got a phone call from the surgery this morning saying I have a B12 vitamin deficency so they booked me in to see the doctor tommorrow to discuss this with him. I dont think this is a cause to my problems but maybe it contributes I just dont know !

keep you posted!

Actually Blondie, it could very well be a big factor in you’re migriane/ dizzy probs.
Let’s hope things get better soon.
B12 deficiency can cause neurological problems.

My bloods showed B12 deficiency. I have been getting B12 injections every 12 weeks for some years now.


In a way I was glad they found something but I read that B12 defiencey can point to auto -immune disorder aswell so not sure will know more 2moro .

Are they doing more tests? They gave me more tests, had to swallow a pill and they checked the urine to see if I was absorbing B12. ANA test showed positive on me, very high years ago, turned out to be to the thyroid, I have antibodies to the thyroid (hashimotos), so I have autoimmune stuff going on.

Hope you get more answers at your visit.


Ive had the ANA test its negative but ive got to go back next month and repeat bloods if its still low I have to have more tests and injections . They said I may developing something called percinous anemia so will keep you posted.

Donna xx