A prayer for Kira

Hi every one,
I was hoping you’d all join in with me in a prayer for Kira,
She is going through a very tough time at this very moment. I know she has supported us all in our time of need when we needed advice or just a word of encouragement, she was there for us even when she was sick herself.
I don’t care where your prayers come from.
You don’t have to be religious to prey, I believe deeply in
(Prayer meditation) It’s helped me through many a crisis in my life.
My belief is if we all pray together this week as a collective we could help in her recovery.
Thanks guys.

Kira, wishing you from all the way accross the Pacific Ocean, much much good health and wellbeing right to your doorstep. May all your friends and family who are most dear to you, take good care of you and pamper and fuss over you in your recovery and for you to accept their love and care and remember,take all the time you need to smell the roses.
fond regards


You are always in my thoughts, my prayers, my meditations and even in my dreams. I walk the path with you. We all wait patiently for the day that you can be with us again and pray that the lifesaving treatment you’re curently undergoing is not unnecessarily traumatic. Either way, being an MAV-survivor, we know that you will come out of it on top!

As my husband’s therapist says: AFGE (another f-cking growth experience)

Be well, peaceful and still,


Sorry … I missed something here … what’s happening with Kira? Of course I’ll pray for her, but just curious about what’s going on.

Kira was diagnosed with breast cancer a month or so ago. It is invasive but her survival rate is good with radiation and tamoxifen. She had a lumpectomy and just started radiation this week. I’m not sure when she’ll start her tamoxifen, but she still has a long road ahead of her. Thus far, her MAV has been, as she put it (paraphrasing) quietly in the background, but I know she worries that the tamoxifen, with it’s strong effect on estrogen, will stir it up, possibly big time ugly. But, as she said, the tamoxifen is life-saving and she feels lucky to be a candidate for it.

She she needs prayers anyway you look at it.

Thanks for asking, Joy.


Life is just not fair sometimes. My prayers are with you at this junction in your life that I’m sure you will get through. Although I obviously do not know you, you have always been very generous with your advice and time.

God bless you,


Thanks for reminding us, so let me add that to my little prayer. Thanks Kira, for all the wisdom and positive energy you’ve brought to this board. Your posts have been outstanding and one of a kind. You cut to the chase like nobody else can and fill that white box with knowlege and wisdom that none of the rest of us have privilege to. You hold a special place on this forum.

Be well,


That’s terrible news, she’s always been a valuable member of this forum and I hope she recovers soon and feels better than ever.


Kira, you are in my thoughts and prayers also.

My hopes for you are that you find the necessary strength and courage to carry you through this frightening time as quickly as possible.

I’m sure you will get back to us quickly -but in the meantime, please know, how much you are appreciated and missed here.


I know I haven’t been around: dealing with all this can be overwhelming at times. Thanks for the best wishes.
Here’s how distracting it can be: yesterday I was so nauseated and dizzy, and couldn’t figure out which treatment to blame, and as I went to bed, realized I never took my klonopin…

well that was definitely the better of any possible reason to blame it on!

Good to see you, Kira