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Here’s another one from Lisa discussing the BrainPort.


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Thanks Scott, that was a great article.

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Thanks again for posting this for me Scott. I know this article is outdated but when I investigated more into the brain port it seems that they are using it for vestibular migraine currently as well. From my understanding after further investigating, to obtain and use this device you would have to go to Canada to get trained on it and then you use it for 30 days, and if you see results you purchase the device.

Just a thought… Hey, ya never know…:wink:


fascinating stuff - thanks for posting

Thanks Lisa and Scott,
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I bought the book The Brain That Changes Itself specifically to read the first chapter, on the BrainPort and the work of Dr Bach-y-Rita. I also heard a talk by Norman Doidge at the Sydney Writers’ Festival a couple of years ago - a very interesting guy, great speaker and a fascinating book. Four and half stars :stuck_out_tongue:

I just emailed the 3 places that are currently listed as possibly taking candidates for research studies and have sent emails to all 3 inquiring about how to sign up!

That’s great Ilovesalem! Please keep us posted. Would you be able to travel to Canada for the training?

Very Informative Article Scott. The thing with me is that i feel like i’m always moving instead of the world around me.


depending on how long it is, i would! i’ve got family spread out across the country as well so it could be neat to visit with them depending on where it is taking place.

To Ilovesalem

What are the details of the places doing studies that you emailed? Can you PM them to me?


BrainPort is made by Wicab. You can go to their web site for more information. wicab.com/
You can read information for different countries by choosing yours at the homepage.