According to GP I have a mental behaviour disorder LOL

Went to GP to tell him about my numbness in my feet and hand and have been reffered for some blood work.
I asked if I may have MS? and he dosent know really Ive had a clear MRI but it dosent rule out MS entirely is that true anyone?
So Ive got to have vitamin levels checked etc.
When I first went in the room though I saw a big red note on the screen with my name above saying ’ mental behaviour disorder’ I mean WTF? I am now mental because I have dizziness and numbness and now I feel they treat me different.
I said to him I am not mental and he told me he didnt write it someone else did I dont know who and didnt ask but I was shocked and dissapointed .
I do hate them tbh .
Now im back to square one probably have to see a neuro and get more test I didnt want to go down this route tbh but have to get to the bottom of the numb toes Ive had for four months .
Gosh Im so down thinking I may have it .

You’re on the right track getting yourself checked and trying to get diagnosed, but please lady, don’t over worry yourself. All of us here with MAV, have the same problem it’s the anxiety part of the disorder. It’d drive anyone to insanity having so many different medical problems and not knowing what’s wrong with them.

I’ve convinced myself I have all kinds of things. I kind of just quit worrying recently. Yes, I do need to go to the doctor and get checked, my neuro-otologist himself said to see a regular doctor and get some testing done, I’m just tired of worrying about it.

I’ve suffered from poor circulation my entire life, when the Vestibular Disorder popped up, I started getting shocks throughout my body and numb hands and feet. It could all be related. I think I’ve heard MAV can cause all of that.

I personally believe I have something causing poor circulation that is causing the Vestibular Disorder. Not sure.

Anyhow, my point is, please don’t worry yourself to death. I know how it is, you almost have no control over it, you’re head takes over. It feels like this disorder produces too much adrenaline, and you’re head makes you in the fight or flight mode constantly, you’re always worried and think you’re dying, but just because you think you are, doesn’t mean that you.

Be concerned, but don’t worry yourself over thinking you have the worse. Many of us here who have MAV suffer from those exact symptoms.

I hope you get diagnosed, and don’t worry about those ***hole doctors. We’ve all had that same treatments. I’m sure they’d be mental too if they had to suffer from this condition just for a darn week!!


Hi Donna

That is really weird as I’ve had numbness in my toes for a few years and never associated it with the diziness - I saw a neurologist who diagnosed peripheral neuropathy in both feet - I had EMGs done to rule out MS. But it is strange you have it too - probably a coincidence but then you wonder…

Ignore the mental comment. I’m convinced I have all sorts in my notes - hysterical woman disorder, conversion hysteria, somatisation, hypochondriac, it must all be there!

After I’d had my Menieres diagnosis (which was sort of wrong anyway but that’s not the point), I went to see this new GP for the ENT’s report and she basically looked me in the eye and said ‘he says there’s nothing wrong with your ears it’s all due to anxiety’. Well I rang his secretary straight away as I know he had NOT said it to me, and I demanded a copy of his report. When I got it it stated categorically a Vestibular dysfunction, possibly migraine but likely Meneieres. The stupid GP hadn’t eeven SEEN the letter when she saw me. I changed GPs straight away.

Also, It’s frightening actually how often notes are wrong. I work in a hospital as a healthcare professional and I rather too frequently see things doctors have written wrongly as a result of misreading earlier notes. It’s surprising anyone ever comes out of hospital alive.

You can actually legally demand to see your notes and challenge anything you disagree with - but probably not advised to do this till you’re feeling better!

Dizzy Izzy

Wow you have numb toes aswell how weird ?! Im not saying I have MS I actually dont think I do deep down but its a worry .
I wonder why we have numb toes it all points to poor blood flow to me what do you think ? how do we know thats not whats causing the dizziness?! I know it prob isnt but possible and I dont think they investigate enough .
Well I get my blood tests done and then onto a neuro about my toe issue I think. After that though I think Im going to have to give up and say no more tests if they find nothing.
But I wish i knew who said I was mental its got to be one of those b*****ds! :lol:
Thanks guys

Yeah, the numb toe thing’s a bit spooky. The neurologist reckoned my feet were a funny shape (I have a really high arch) and this caused pressure on my toes damaging the peripheral nerves, especially with my love of high heels!. He referred me to podiatry for some orthotic insoles (nice!) but they reckoned my feet WEREN’T a funny shape, so, as usual, another dead end there!

I had blood tests too to rule out diabetes which can cause numb feet. Also, MS often shows up on MRI (as plaques or lesions in the brain) so a clear MRI would make MS unlikely. My cousin has MS so I was v. worried it was that as it’s a family history thing but the neuro was pretty sure I didn’t after the normal EMG tests.
Also, you probably had the Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potential tests at Queen Square - they can pick up signs of MS too whch they would have pointed out to you.

Anyway, good luck with the neurologist - and don’t forget to tell him/her about your MAV - see if s/he’s heard of it! :lol:


i just checked that test out online and they didnt do it at queens im a little dissapointed about that but i suppose the neuro may do it anyway if i get reffered i hope so .
Hope your feeling better
Donna xxxxxxx

Blondie, Sorry to hear what was written about you. How unfortunate that someone did that. It’s too bad you had to be labeled in such a way. I think most likely the same thing is in my record. My neurotologist recently wrote in the letter he sent to my doctor that I have been non-compliant with the meds he has prescribed me and I prefer valium. Totally untrue, and it makes me sound like a drug addict. When I see my PCP later this month I plan on talking to him about this, just to clear the record.

Some of our symptoms are so vague and do sound like anxiety that we end up getting labeled like that. It’s probably easier for the doctor but it is so unfair to us, the patients. I wish they would take the time to try to get an accurate diagnosis instead of sticking a label that unfortunately goes with us.


I know i just find it really sad that i now have Im mental on my records for life. No one will probably take me very serious now I am planning to challenge this in the future Im moving back to my old GP surgery as I was there 16 years and they know me better , I had to move to this new one as I wasnt in the catchment area for my old one. But my mom lives by my old one so Im using her address to go back there as I was there a long time and know the docs well so Im going to talk to them about it.

Without going into detail, I have my medical notes and was not surprised to find letters referring that I was a nuisance basically. Things like “I dont understand why these patients insist on a diagnosis” oh er sorry for that,
and “I am sorry to re refer this lady to you, it is at her insistance, if you can find somewhere else to send her, please refer her on”. Nice one!

Anyway, my friend went privately for a persistent cough. She paid private and the insurance didnt cover so had to pay the extra. She then had to ask for a copy of the letter to her GP and it said… wait for it, this is a good one … “This lady has a twitch and is shaky, I think she has terets” :lol:

Shouldnt laugh, the only thing I can think of is that my friend has a short fuse and maybe she lost it in there and said one or two things she shouldnt and it was payback.


OMG I know its not funny but I was laughing my ass off at that comment :lol: are these guys for real!!
Thats made my day Im probably on the brink of a nervous breakdown to them and if they can just get my hubbys signature I think they would have me sectioned .
I did feel like punching in his smarmy little face yesterday I really did and enjoyed replaying the moment in my mind :lol:
But I watched a programme called embarrsing bodies last night and this little girl kept getting veruccas and her mom kept taking her the docs and they kept giving creams etc and the reason it wasnt going was she had a immune disorder she had to have chemo and everything and was in hospital 6 months!! The docs never picked it up and had been going on for a long time the little girl couldnt walk properly ! Its disgusting they think they know it all and half of them no shit tbh !
Sorry about the rant LOL

Doesnt give you much confidence in them does it? There are letters in my records saying “she has two children” I actually have one, and “her father died of a heart attack”, er, no, he died of cancer.

That programme “embarassing bodies” amazes me. Those people walk around with disgusting things in the most private places for 15 years and dont go to a dr. because they are too embarassed, then they display it on the television for millions of viewers to have a look at :lol:
Must be being paid a lot or something!


OMG I know yh its like ‘to embarassed to go docs but i will go on national TV instead’ lol i would have to be paid loads their clinic is actually by where I live in birmingham might pop down with my illness and see what they do with me LOL

Ah yes but you have an INVISIBLE illness which doesn’t make for good tv :roll: