Aches and pains

Anyone have any aches and pains

My arms and legs ache on and off!!

Hi hillsta,

Definitely - I do as well. In my case I have low-level, dull aches and pains in my arms and legs (especially the large muscles and joints). I went to a rheumatologist (after pushing my family doctor for a referral); after extensive work-up (which ruled out, among other things, rheumatoid arthritis), she found I had: joint hypermobility, slight swelling in my finger joints, and muscle deconditioning. She recommended physiotherapy to help me design a do-able exercise plan. I wouldn’t be surprised if my weakened muscles (esp. my quadriceps) are at least contributing to the aches…

Do your muscles feel weak? Are you physically active?

As I’m learning more about migraine (and VM in particular), it’s such a bizarre/quirky condition; it seems general body aches and pains can be part of it. In fact I think aches and pains were mentioned in the VM survival guide on this forum. I could also try and find some articles perhaps, about bodily aches/pains in migraineurs…it’d be really interesting to find out more about this.

Good luck & take care,