Acoustic Shock & MAV

Hi everyone.

In brief, I had BPPV in Nov 06, fixed with epleys. In Jun 07 I started getting the dizzes again, but more constant rocking, on a boat feeling along with migraines, rather than vertigo with head movements.

Since last June I’ve had balance tests, completed VRT and was told last month it’s MAV, and have been taking 50mg amytriptyline daily. So far no improvements. Last week at work I got an acoustic shock (well that’s what we think it was, I work in a call centre and during a call the line went quiet, almost dead then a very loud unexpected beep following by a fax sound blasted down the line. When I disconnected the call I had tinnitus and felt shaky. I took a 15 minute break then was hit by a migraine so I went home. Since this incident I’ve been getting true vertigo very much like what I experienced with BPPV and am sat at home with everything spinning.

Has anyone ever heard of Acoustic Shock incidents, experienced one, or is it common to have a week + of true vertigo along with the normal dizzy sensations I experience? ( I also get facial numbness and pain which were attributed to MAV)?


I have had similar experiences.

Once, my parents were putting in a sana in there condo, and only had the insulation up and showed it to me. I stuck my head in there and the room was so sound dead that it felt to me like my head had suddenly shrunk and a hand was being wrapped around it. Needless to say, I got out of there immediately.

I have had several examples at work where there was a fan running nearby, not loud enough to require shouting to communicate, but loud enough to dampen nearby noises. Somebody came along and turned it off and suddenly the whole room slid one direction and picked up a big tilt. I had to have the person that turned the fan off turn it back on before I could get the room to quit tilting. This has happened more than once and has gotten me some strange looks.


Do you have any other sounds that you are sensitive to?
Back in January I had an MRI. I didn’t put the pieces together back then but I think I have now.
Sound can trigger vertigo as well as trigger the onset of hyperacusis. Especially if the sound is really loud.
Yeah well, ever been in an MRI with really lousy ear protection?
My ear protection that night was so lame it was absurd.
All hell broke loose when I was in the machine and when I got out.
My hyperacusis is so bad some days that sound entering my ears feels similar to cold water on a bad tooth in your mouth.
It feels like nerves being hit. You don’t hear sound, you feel it.
There is cochlear hyperacusis and vestibular hyperacusis. The latter is when the brain and ear think that sound is motion,
so you feel motion from sound.
The other day, I walked by a guy using a lawn edger (higher pitch than a lawn mower) and the ground was bouncing up and down.
Lovely eh? When I have it real bad, birds chirping get to me.
Now that was an extreme day. Birds chirping? Christ!

Vestibular Hyperacusis … acusis.php


When I was real sick a year ago the sound of my husband’s voice would throw my head from one side of the pillow to the other.

Reading Heather’s post reminded me of something. When I was still diagnosed with meniere’s desease, I built up a nice sounding car stereo that goes boom. I did it becuase I had always wanted a thumping car stereo and I figured that I better that I get it before I lost my hearing. There are days when I cannot listen to it at the volume I like because the world feels like it is shifting back and forth or bouncing to the beat of the music. I believe that this is similar to tulio’s phenomena, but from what I have read, I can’t quite call it that becuase I don’t spin, just bounce.

Brian, it doesn’t have to be “spinning” to be Tullio.