Acute medication for vertigo attack?

I am just coming out of 3 days of hell. After years of managing my dizziness pretty well and particularly in the last 4-5 months where I’ve felt fabulous on amitriptyline i have had a horrible month - first 2 “attacks” of dizziness a week apart which lasted 2-3 days and then cleared up completely inbetween and then I was slammed with the worst attack of vertigo I’ve ever experienced, even against my initial dizziness back in 2002. On Wed night I could not open my eyes, never mind lift my head off the pillow without the room whipping around at a frantic rates of knots. I was nauseous and extremely light sensitive. I’m now over the worst of it but feeling so off-balance. It’s funny how things are relative. A month ago I would be moaning about how terrible I feel today but compared to Wed, all I feel is immense relief.

My doc has told me to up my dose of Ami to 25mg. I had already upped it to 20mg from 15mg after the second attack and last night I increased it by another 5mg.

When I spoke to my doc on the phone yesterday I asked him whether there was any migraine medication that could be taken during the acute stage of the migraine attack. All he could refer me to were medications for the symptoms e.g. painkillers for the headache (the headache is not what’s bothering me buddy!!!) and stemetil for the vertigo (yeah right, been there, done that and bought the T-shirt which didn’t fit!!!) but surely there is some medication that works to fight whatever it is that’s CAUSING the migraine attack in the first place? Can anyone advise me on this?

Much appreciated.

FOr me, there’s been nothing comparable to Ritalin for the dizziness. I’m telling you - the stuff is miraculous!!