Adderall use with MAV

HI my name is nick and I am fortunate to have gotten this disorder at such a young age(24). Being depressed scared and hopeless I’m working to find a solution to this madness but have yet to find a fix. Now with school coming I am facing the possibility of dropping out as on top of this I have bad ADHD on top of brain fog, dizziness ,tinnitus, nausea, ear fulness, eye strain, headache this damned disorder is causing me. To cope with the brain fog I decided to take my Adderall medication after being off of it since April. Unfortunately, I was hit with only euphoria and bad dizzies and about 2 hours later stuck with even worse brain fog on top of that. I’m wondering if any of you out there take some sort of medication that works well with MAV to eliminate the brain fog. Or should I try for a week or so and see if things improve?

It sucks when you start in life from nearly failing high school to making it into an amazing engineering college after years of hard work. When I get close to achieving my dream of being an engineer I get hit with this shit…
on top of the depression of breaking up with someone you loved a lot, diminished social life and watching all your friends in relationships. I tend to wonder if i will ever be able to have any success in life or find someone to be with again.

Why is life so f***ed up?

I can relate closely to you, Nick. I’m trying to navigate a clinical psychology PhD program while dealing with daily headaches/dizziness, and there are many days when I feel at the end of my rope. I used to take Methylphenidate to combat the brain fog–which was killer given the mental demands of school–and was told by an esteemed neurotologist that it likely wouldn’t worsen the negative symptoms. However, everyone is different, and there isn’t exactly a lot of data regarding simultaneous migraine and stimulant use. I decided to drop the medication; because I don’t have ADHD, the crash I got when the dose wore off was not worth the trade-off of avoiding the brain fog. It also negatively affected my sleep.

If I were you, I’d try it for an extended period so you can get a true comparison regarding whether your symptoms are better on or off of it. That way you won’t always wonder what if. Write a diary of your symptoms and their intensity on and off of the medication, as well as the benefits and costs. Then make an informed decision that weighs equally your educational demands with your quality of life. Good luck!

Come on nick, you still have time in Life to get something positive coming back to you. Don’t worry about that. But I can understand how you feel though…
Take care and focus on the present and what you need to do. The future will be brighter!

Are you serious? This is supposed to be a support forum. It is terrifying for someone of any age to suddenly come down with a condition that is so disruptive of one’s life, not knowing when (or whether) it will get better.

Wow, that was a harsh response to someone seeking support.

Nick, I think it will get better, and I also think you have a lot of things going on that are triggering this for you. Have you talked with a doctor about this? Has he/she offered medication for this? Besides the adderall. Are you seeking counseling for the depression and stress? Are you trying anything besides the adderall? I don’t want you to feel hopeless. Yes, we have to sometimes kick ourselves in the butt and tell ourselves to keep going but we also have the right to be pissed off about this (for just a little while :wink: