Adrenal glands and Migraine

Does anyone know if there is a connection with the adrenal glands and migraine? Does the adrenal glands have any effect on migraine or vice versa? The reason I’m asking is because I’ve been reading up on the adrenal glands, and a lot of symptoms from adrenal gland fatigue seem to be the same symptoms for migraine. Some articles I’ve seen completely disregard adrenal fatigue and some articles really believe there is such a condition. Interesting stuff that I’ve seen on it though.


A few years ago I had a series of saliva tests to show whether I had adrenal fatigue or not. The tests and interpretation of them were controversial and the whole idea of AF and whether it exists or not - outside of the extremes of Cushings and Addisons - certainly divides opinion.

I never followed through after the results - which showed I in fact did have AF - because I didn’t like the options given, and to be honest I was clutching at straws and was never really convinced myself that it was all the big deal it was made out to be, and I felt after lots of reading about AF, notably by James Wilson whose book I bought and digested, that reduction of stress and lifestyle changes would work just as well in my situation. And so it proved.

I never once linked AF with MAV though. But the the stress factor (adrenal glands deal with stress) obviously has a knock on effect to migraines, so I guess there is a connection in that way.


I fit all the criteria for AF as well. I have done the 4 a day saliva tests for cortisol several times and each time showed it dropped really low by lunchtime. One test I did, I was looking for someones cat and got exhausted, got back and did the test, that showed the cortisol way below range. My friend who also showed low, started on hydrocortisone years ago and her vertigo disappeared so there may well be a connection. Also the reactive hypoglycemia comes into this. I tried the hydrocortisone but it made me dizzy and tired, it doesnt last long in the system so I think it was going up and down too much, my friend uses predniselone (not sure of spelling) which is longer lasting.


Interesting. Makes me want to get my cortisol levels checked just in case.


If you go outside mainstream medicine, you are likely to find someone who will find you do indeed have adrenal fatigue. And then they will be happy to sell you remedies for it.

If you go to a physician, you can’t get this diagnosis because a real doctor won’t recognize it as legit.

There’s a reason mainstream docs are not also purveyors of medications for the things they diagnose.