Advce please - nortriptlne and MAV returning

hi, been on the diet and nortripl for about 4 months now, currently on 20mg, started on 10mg and went up to 20mg after month 1. Can feel the MAV slowly creeping back in each day and wondered, do i up the dose to 30mg, or just wait to see what happens?
I am due to see Dr S in about 6-8 weeks, so should i stay on 20mg till i see him or up it? -
one question i have is, can you become immune to the drug itself, so upping the dose will make no difference? Am wondering if i am starting to become immune to the drug?
has anyone been on a drug for a long long time with success?

Hi Brian

I am on nortriptyline and I am at 20mg after 4 weeks, it’s early days for me and I am still increasing so can’t really help you as to whether or not it is possible to become immune to the medication but i have read other posts on here where people have talked about nori stopping working for them. I also read somewhere else online where someone said they kept having to increase their dose to get the same effect from it. I guess that can be true of any drug or prescription med.

20mg is a fairly low dose so maybe you should think about increasing. Could you phone or email Dr S for advice? In my experience when I started to go worse this summer and was not on any medication at the time, I didn’t do anything hoping it would improve by itself and I just went worse and worse so doing nothing might not be the best thing for MAV.

It would be interesting to hear from anyone who has been on nori for a long time on the same dose as to whether it keeps working effectively at that dose…