Advice needed

Hi Guys…

Really not sure what to do… last week when I was on 10mg of Nori I was feeling a lot less anxious than I have been previously and actually felt pretty good about doing things… I went shopping, I hired a car for the week (as back in UK), had lots of dental work done, which would normally be stressful.

This week since being on 20mg of Nori I feel terrible. Anxiety has increased tonnes. I feel low and the dizziness has increased dramatically.

When I got home yesterday I literally felt like the whole room was moving side to side and up and down violently. I havent had it that extreme for a while…

Should I stick at this dose and hope it goes away or should I push through it… Damn this horrible condition… I would rather have 4 broken limbs or a treatable form of cancer…

It’s quite hard to know what’s best especially for someone else but all I can tell you is that I haven’t had that reaction to nori when increasing my dose. I went up to 30mg over a few months and the main side effects were a dry mouth, increased heart rate at times and insomnia for the first week or two after I started on it. It didn’t make my dizziness worse or give me anxiety. Above 30mg I find it makes me more sedated, groggy and harder to wake up in the morning. Those things then seem to make me feel worse generally and more off balance etc. I have so far been unable to get above 35mg for that reason.

It could be you are having a bad reaction to nori or to the increased dose. I find it really hard to keep on when something is making me feel worse so if I were you would probably go back down to 15mg and then see how that feels. You can always try increasing again. Maybe you only need 10mg to make you feel better, some people are very med sensitive. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Simple- you did too much last week!!

I know it’s hard not to- everyone does it- you feel great so you do more stuff. But your body and brain isn’t used to it.

My guess is your suffering the fall out.

Also, go slow and low. How long were you on 10mg for? String it out as loooooooong as possible. If you felt good on 10mg, go back to 10 and stay there longer.


thanks guys… appreciate the feedback. I have to get a route canal tomorrow and am dreading feeling this way during the operation. I have to drive up to Surrey before and back after… argyhhh

Richy- good god- can you not get a lift or take the train?

IF you were doing so well at 10mg, why go to 20?
And if you feel you need to go up, maybe do it 5mg at a time.
Just a thought…

Hi Richy, give it 2 weeks at 20mg - if it’s still worse, come back down, and try going to 15mg before 20mg. You can split the pills. I did this and it was much better. Also, since i’ve lowered my dose after a month on 25mg, i’ve been feeling better. So also be aware that after youv’e tried a higher dose for a month or so, and you’re still feeling shoddy, then maybe reduce or change. Hope that helps. HANG IN THERE x