Advice on Pregabalin and MAV please

Hi. I’m new to this site. I have had a low and manageable level of MAV untreated for 20 years that became acute and chronic in February. I feel like the world is constantly moving, like a boat and have sound sensitivity. I am doing VRT which is helping somewhat and was o n Flunarzine which made me very depressed. I’ve changed doctors, now seeing Dr Surenthiran in London and have been advised to start Pregabalin. Has anyone had good success with this? I’m sensitive to meds! I’m really grateful for advice. Thanks.

Hello Tamara

I have been on Pregabalin since January I am currently taking 300mg per day and I would say it has helped with the vestibular symptoms.
The improvements are subtle but my sensitivity to head movement has greatly reduced for example.
I’m not sure how severe my symptoms were compared to others but as far as the vestibular side of it I might get a period of unsteadiness when walking but it goes away as long as I don’t obsess about it, when I first lie down I get a brief sensation maybe 10 to 20 seconds but that goes away and also when lying down if I tilt my head to the left I tend to get slightly light headed but that’s about it.
I hold down a full time job driving an articulated lorry and sometimes if I 'm loading/unloading and I over do it trying to go to fast I feel a bit heavy on my feet but I would say as the vestibular side of it reduces the traditional migraine side of it becomes more apparent which Dr SURENTHIRAN has said is natural and almost a good sign.
I must admit I’m not sure if it’s a side effect of the Pregabalin but I get a kind of twitching predominantly in my left eye area and sometimes my right , also for about a week the twitching/spasm was occurring in my left forefinger but again that went away.
I also think that anxiety contributes greatly to this condition for example I walked for 20 minutes to meet my wife at the tube station and I felt a bit unsteady but when I met her and walked back talking with her I didn’t really notice it.
I know it’s a cliche but avoiding stress is critical I used to rush around like a nutter not being able to relax until I knew everything was done and sometimes old habits creep back in but I went on holiday in June and I felt pretty good.
I just relaxed I didn’t set any goals or targets and enjoyed being with my wife and ten month old daughter we just got there when we got there and if we didn’t get there then who cares ?
I would recommend giving it a go as I said I haven’t experienced any severe side effects and really what have you got to lose ?
Good Luck.