Advice please

Hi all
I have had VM for about 2 years now since my son was born, I’m on preventatives which are helping. My migraine triggers are bright flashing lights and loud sounds. So here’s the problem, it’s my brothers wedding and I really want to be able to enjoy without having to deal with weeks of VM. For the most part I avoid I avoid bright flashing lights and loud music but it’s my brother so yeah. Last wedding I wore ear plugs and sunglasses ( yep I was that weirdo at the wedding lol) but it did not help any. Any other suggestions friends, help a girl out

Ah, I really feel for you. Loud venues and flashing lights fill me with anxiety, as can also be very triggering for me. I reckon someone might be able to recommend one med or other to help dampen your senses and get you through, but if it were me I think I would take practical measures, such as be the last to get to the ceremony and sit at the back, be the first one out. Spend as much time away from the crowds. Same for the meal, and maybe try to sit near a window or door so you’re not in the middle of the noise. I would practice deep breathing (or whatever else you do to calm your nervous system) thoughout. I would be inclined to skip the disco. Or at least socialise with friends and family in an outdoor area or another quieter space during the dancing.

All my issues started after my first miscarriage, so probably hormone related like yours. What preventative and dose do you take that is helpful, out of interest?

I take Sertaline 75 mg , it took a while to find the right dose , mine is completely hormonal, started exactly when my first postpartum period returned. Hope this helps