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Hi everyone,

I posted this in ‘women’s biz’ a few days ago but I don’t think that part of the site is visited as frequently!

I have recently been diagnosed with endometriosis. I am yet to find out what stage I am at etc and the treatment required. However, I do know that there are 4 types of hormone treatment used to treat it.
the combined oral contraceptive pill
gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH) analogues

After reading about the possible side effects I’m not keen on taking anything! However, I would imagine I will have to take something to keep it under control My question is, has anybody got any experience of any of these meds? I am worried as my MAV is mostly under control now and I’m scared to take anything that will upset the balance! I know Dr Silver says not take an oestrogen based pill because of the risk of stroke.

Any advice people?

Kathy x x

Another question! I had major abdominal surgery recently and was off my propranalol for one day, was taken back in a couple of weeks later and was off the meds for 3 days. I have now reduced my dosage from 240mg to 160mg as my bp was low. This was probably more to do with surgery than the meds as I have had no problem with them. Anyway, I know Dr Silver says that you need to wait 3/4 months before feeling max benefits. Do you think all this stopping and starting will upset things and am I starting from scratch again?!! Has all the good work been undone?! Do I now need to wait 4 mnths to reap the benefits?! I realise I sound a little anxious, I have that tendency!! I have been pretty good considering, a little off balance/a little bit of rocking/feel like I’m teetering on the edge a little. What do you think?!

Is it possible you can have some sort of surgery that can take care of your endometriosis that won’t mess with your hormones? I would be reluctant to upset hormones if I could help it. Otherwise, you could get pregnant? :slight_smile:
What about a low dose birth control pill?
I have no real advice about the propranolol, other than I wouldn’t think a couple of days would make a HUGE difference in the long run. I just checked and it has a very short half life…do you dose a few times a day? I am also seeing they have it
in extended release, which would probably be good, if you haven’t gotten it already. Even in extended release, the half life is on the short side.


Thanks for your response. I have had surgery to remove a large endometrioma, to prevent it coming back/control it they usually prescribe the pill :frowning: I just know that it won’t be much good for the MAV. Even pre MAV it wasn’t great for me.

Thank you very much for looking up the info on the propranalol, I did take 160 mg extended release around midday and an 80mg at bedtime. I am currently just taking the 160 mg. I have been advised to hold off on the pregnancy as I’m on all these medications!! Nightmare!

Kathy x x

I know there are certain levels of meds that are no good for when trying to get pregnant. I would talk to a pharmacist as there are some meds that are okay to use, unless you just personally don’t feel you want to risk it.

Hi, I’m holding off pregnancy for the time being. Still in recovery after my surgery, been a nightmare year!! I’m still standing though!

I have been given the choice of the Mirena coil and the mini pill, Cerazatte, to help control the endometriosis. I’m not sure which will be best i.e. least likely to trigger off the MAV? Does anybody have any experience with either of these?

Kathy x x