Advice re Migraine Related Vertigo Diagnosis

Hi All,

Thought I’d tell my story to see if it fits with what others have been diagnosed with, I’ve been passed from one specialist to the other and still non the wiser.
In April 2011 with no warning whatsoever I got a sudden severe dizzy feeling which got progressivly worse until after just a few minutes I had to lay down, I started to vomit and was rushed to hospital, a couple of Dr’s stated they believed I had had a stroke. I had a CT scan, various tests and to cut along story short discharged after four days with suspected labyrinthitis. I was unable to walk unaided for appoximately a month and sick every day. The symptoms are almost permanent unsteadiness/ dizziness (the feeling of being on a boat all the time) constant nausea (to varying degrees) numbness to hands, feet, pins and needles (particularly to right leg and right hand)
The first specialist was ENT and we went through the Brandt-Daroff, Epley maneuver for several weeks with no effect whatsoever.This specialist then referred me to a neurologist. The neurologist states he believes I have Migraine Related Vertigo but also mentions a PICA stroke in the letter he sent to my GP. I am to take Topiramate until I see him again in April 2012 but have now asked for an earlier appointment as I feel so ill.
I have suffered from Migraine from the age of 6 (now 43), they used to cause me about an hour of visual disturbance, severe pain and sickness for a day or so. Now I still get the visual issues but the pain I have learned to live with and can control with medication (nothing more than an inconvenience really). I have had a couple of migraines since the ‘vertigo’ attack last April and there has been no marked change in anything, which makes me think the vertigo isn’t migraine related! One question I was asked when I was first rushed to hospital was about a lump at the back of my head, but this was passed off as caused when I fell! (I don’t remember much about that awful day but know I didn’t fall,) I have had an MRI scan by the ENT specialist that was OK, however I believe the neurologist has asked for it to be forwarded to him also.

Its now eight months and I struggle to walk in a straight line, look up, down, just getting up and down stairs is hard work and I generaly feel ill all the time, is this forever or will it ever get better,

Any advice would Would be greatly appreciated,

Mark, in the United Kingdom

Hi Mark,

Welcome to the forum. Your story is very familiar to all of us.

In terms of advice, I’d say just keep reading this forum - particularly the ‘stickies’ where you’ll find lots of research into migraine and all the different treatment options. As a start, check out the MAV Survival Guide here:

Hang in there!