This question is a little off the beaten path, but I was hoping to receive some feedback. I have found your response to many topics to be insightful and helpful. I went to a Neurologist for my vertigo. After an initial consultation, he sent me to his Nurse Partiticioner which made me mad. Well it turned out she is amazing. She diagnosed the MAV, she put me on meds, she told me why a particular blood test was nothing to worry about. She helped me with an unrelated health issue. She is leaving the practice. Would it be inappropriate for me to talked to her about following her? Do you think she would be creeped out by that?


I don’t see why but now you’ve met us (hello John!) you have a lot of online assistance.

And once you’ve worked out your med preference and perhaps a dietary plan that works for you I’m afraid there is not much more they seem to be able to do. But time can be your best healer!

I’ve found the doctors variably useful. You end up having to be your own advocate and learning how best to cope with your own circumstances.

But this online support forum rocks! Welcome!

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Thank you, but i have been around. I have replied once or twice to a comment. I have read many of the questions and replies. If i feel i can add something i will. Mostly people have it covered.

Ah good, sorry. I briefly checked your profile and it looked like you had lurked but not posted. :slight_smile:

You might be right, James. I am a member of many groups, so I might be wrong. Thanks for your feedback.

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