After 18 years of MAV or whatever it is

Hi Everyone,

I was recently reflecting on my 18 years of MAV or whatever it is… maybe it could very well be a combination of things (who knows for sure)… and all i know is that since 1992 i have made approximately 70-75% back to normal…most of the time 70% but on good days…75%. The improvements have been very slow and at a snail’s pace but i’m still thankful for the small improvements over the years and much of the noticeable improvements were after i left my full-time positon with the phone company back in 1999. The Vertigo episodes are very rare now…maybe one or two slight spins a year, the daily Wave-like Rocking Motion is less but still bothersome to some degree. The brain fog is also much less and the anxiety has decreased. My medication has decreased dramatically! The very small amount of medication I take daily keeps me sane and able to work part-time, go to movies, concerts, hang out with friends…most whatever i like except taking a Cruise or going on Amusement Park Rides. I stay away from super fast action films. The one Symptom that continues to be the most bothersome is this Persistent slightly squeezed like tension in around my head. Seems like i can never get my head to feel totally relaxed. It’s like i can’t get the ice cube to completely melt. So like i said…a small amount of medication helps daily but even with med’s i always know that my head is not totally comfortable or relaxed. I’m better with Crowds than many years back but it can still be challenging at times. Screaming children or loud noise is bothersome too. I know in my heart i’m still not capable of working a full-time position…especially a demanding, overly stressful job like i use too. The more stress that is given me at one time the chances of a Vertigo Episode. My life is rather simple and somewhat routine. Don’t make the good money that i use too…but i just learn to manage financially the best i can.

I think what has helped me alot is working a part-time Substitute Postion instead of working Full-Time (i can work almost every day if i want too) …the Stress is much less now than when i worked for the Phone Company many years back; i have cut way back on Chocolate, Msg, Caffeine, Alcohol, and Sugar/Sweets. If i were to go back to my old routines of eating whatever i wanted, stressing out more often, worrying, etc…i’m sure that things would probably turn for the worse. So i guess it’s all about managing this chronic like condition.

So this is where i’m at in 2010 after 18 years of this insane dizzyness! I just continue to hope for the best with more continued small improvements along the way.

Thanks for letting me share.


Thats awesome. Its so good to hear of someone else who has found what has worked for them. I like it that people other than me have found that relieving stress, diet and lifestyle plays such a part in all of this. Good luck to you in the future, stay healthy!

Hi Amy,

Yes…i think you put in a proper short persepective…relieving Stress, Diet and lifestyle can certainly help with this conditon. I’m certainly not cured at 70% most of the time (occasionally 75%)…but atleast it’s all going in the right direction! I just can’t believe how long it’s taken to get to this point???

Thanks for commenting Amy, i really appreciate it! Be nice to hear from more people. :slight_smile:


Hi Joe,
I think you’ve had this a year longer than me.
I’m so glad youre having a better time of this lately.
I know some of my symptoms have gotten worse over the years, but of late, with the right meds things are picking up again, taking my Mav to a reasonable place “LIVABLE” yeah?

As you already know , with our daily chats, I’m over the moon for you my friend. :smiley:
I wish you all the love in the world and keep up the good work.


Hi Joe,

Sounds like you’re managing things pretty well after such a long road with this and have worked out what works for you and what doesn’t. Good to hear you’re getting by on a low dose of Xanax now too.

Long may the good days last!

Scott :slight_smile:

Thanks Scott, Amy, & Jen for your interest. Like i said, i’m still away from 100% and don’t know if i will ever reach it…but i must hold on to HOPE! Actually, i forgot to mention one more thing that came to mind that really helps me with this Vestibular Migraine like condition and that is PLENTY OF SLEEP! I can’t begin to tell you what a different it makes …atleast 8 hours or a bit more sleep… and make it a daily routine. Going to bed at 9pm one day and then 1:00am the next day just doesnt’ work. Sometimes i fall out of the routine and i notice the difference and it’s not good.

Thanks again…