After exercise - sometimes good sometimes bad

do any of you feel worse after exercise? i was doing pretty good and then did my 30 minutes on the elliptical and now im feeling exhausted and shaky and just awful. Yesterday i exercised and felt okay afterwards. I don’t get it unless there is a lot more pollen outside or some other triggers making me feel like this.

So frustrating…

i used to feel good after exercise up until the past year or so so this is driving me nuts!


Chris–me too, when I exercise it seems to worsen it right after and even a few day’s after. My question is, does consistant exercise get better after a few weeks. I haven’t been able to tough it out that long to see. If someone here knew the answer to that, that would help me tough it out. I think just knowing that the exercise intolerance would get better after proper exercise for a few weeks, I’d have more motivation to tough it out. But I just can’t take the extra dizziness not knowing if it gets better or not. Exercise used to not do that to me, but lately it has and I hate it.


i’ve been trying to exercise almost every day because we have a thing at work with a pedometer that earns points which means $ for next year’s health insurance so it’s given me motivation.

I may have to buy a new pedometer though - i managed to put it through the wash today - not happy!!! i think it still works but not sure. What a dork!!! A guy at work did the same thing and i was afraid of doing it but wasn’t thinking clearly. oh well worst case $20 for a new one.

I used to always feel better after exercise and now that it makes me feel worse it’s harder to go to the gym because of the driving afterwards i get so dizzy.

it’s tough on a lof of us i’m sure :frowning:


Hey Chris,

Maybe if you play around with different types of exercise you’ll find something which doesn’t trash you afterwards. My neuro says to do light/easy exercise like walking or swimming. I know if I strain too much (eg weight training) it can bring on migraine voodoo.


i don’t exercise hard at all. i walk on the treadmill at the gym and do a few weight machines - not much! when i’m at home i do an elliptical. it just depends on the day whether it bothers me or not it’s so strange. treadmills make normal people dizzy too I know. i can’t walk outside because thats where the stuff is that makes me sick - lots of pollen. i can’t overdo exercise any more :frowning: getting old i guess LOL


You know…one day I can go for a hour and the very next day hardly be able to stay on the treadmill for 20 minutes! I wanna be a very fit person, but its just NOT happening for me. I have had my heart checked out before, stress test and everything, but I HATE how I get dizzy mini spins some days on the treadmill or when I work out, my anxiety always gets me thinking its my heart! SO I startout alright til I get that first mini spin, then the thoughts are going though my head and then I find myself “bracing” for a vertigo attack…NO FUN at all!!! So I think Anxiety does play a role in how I feel. Only triggered of course by the dizzys, somtimes its not just dizzys, its hard to focus my eyes and sometimes I CANNOT stand that I am moving up and down on the treadmill. Sometimes I just feel like crap all around and feel weak, like I could pass out…OH and not to forget if I become HOT then Iam SUPER DIZZYand DONE!!! SO for me to exercise and avoid ALL these things is IMPOSSIBLE,so all I can do is one day at a time, whatever Ido is what I do!


right there with you Donna. one day at a time. I have pretty much learned to take things minutes and hours at a time as my condition changes that quickly. Drives me nuts but no choice. i hope to get to the gym this morning in a while. Hopefully i can do it. Sorry you suffer too!!!

that’s how I feel sometimes too like Im going to pass out - but sometimes i get that way even without exercise.


Pretty similar here–some days good, some bad. With me, though, it’s much more a matter of this being a bad day than of exercise causing the problem. Today I woke depressed, and hied my ass over to the pool anyway, after taking care of some business. Before going in, I noticed my head wasn’t real clear, so I did about five minutes of pre-Tai Chi rotations to loosen the back and legs, and then a bit of visual reprogramming (eyes/neck stuff). At around lap 9 I could tell I was having trouble holding it together. (We hates this, we does.) With lap 10, I think it was, I lost it, found myself wandering outside the pool for a few minutes till I reoriented myself. Then got back in my lane and completed my swim routine. Felt and feel better balanced and less depressed.

Now on a day when I’m hit bad, maybe lose it, and either don’t work out or swim or at any rate don’t do my full swim, I tend to be worse off; sometimes even have a hangover of feeling foggy the next day.

wow that’s great that you swim. I have a feeling that would make me dizzy with the head turning to breathe and all. i like swimming but never been very strong. Mostly enjoyed the underwater swimming and backflips and somersaults and handstands - all those things i couldn’t do now at least not on a bad day!!!

i’ve been tryng to do something about 5 times a week now that i have a pedometer from work recording steps - i want credit :slight_smile:

today was my day off exercise and good thing cuz it was a bad day off and on - very sick feeling at work today the pollen and pollution are through the roof - this is when i’ve had horrible vertigo attacks in the past so the fact that i was at work was a miracle. Maybe the valium is what gets me through :slight_smile:


I’m impressed that you do something five days a week.
Three small notes, Chris. First, there’s no head turning as part of side strokes or back strokes, except at the end of the lane.
Second, unlike many other forms of athletics, in swimming we’re buoyed up, as well as being at choice regarding how hard we work. On a good day, the full routine that I gradually worked up to takes ~an hour and 20 minutes. On a rough day, I swap out one or two difficult strokes, and it still takes me ~2 hours.
Third, I did unkind things to my knees over the years, starting with volleyball dives in grad school, and now hip and knees speak up varyingly when I walk, climb, etc., so swimming is the kindest thing I know to do for my body. This is true even though I could only do around 3 laps when I started.