After today, Im a believer

Well, today I was on my way to my PT appt. I was on the phone with my friend telling her how great I feel driving in the car.
No more than 2 min later I arrive. I jump out of my car and go inside. I got my lightheaded, pressure in the neck, up to head feeling.
I was pale, as a nurse, asked if I was okay, you are pale. the episode lasted about a minute, like usual.

Then bam, AURA. Aura lasted about 30 min’s followed by a little pain in my forehead, primarily in my rt eye.

After about 10 minutes, all my weird symptoms came at once.

Dizzy, feeling movement, pressure in head, feel like my head is moving- like theres pressure, then not. Feel the same dizzy feelng in head,
when I hear stomping or if im bumped. Feel very dizzy and very strange, still. Its been almost 3 hrs. Very anxious, tight jaw, no more actual
eye or head pain.

So for all of you that said YOU HAVE MAV. And I fought it, as I truly believed it made no sense to me. None. Too much gray area.

Well I pray everynight, and I send please help me, point me in the right direction, and if you already have done that, and its MAV and Im fighting it then please let it be more clear. Well its clear, and Im mad at myself for dragging it on since August, I could have tried at least 3 meds by now, and I haven’t.
I just put my family thru hell and stress. Im so sad, as having this brings on so much stress. Like the diet, and meds and gosh, I hate it!

Too much to go thru to figure things out about triggers, my gosh the list is soooo long, might as well not even flipping eat. Oh wait, thats a trigger to… FFF


Your prayer was answered in the clearest possible way. Im glad that you can progress with treatment and have confidence that you are doing the right thing.

I finally accepted MAV, but it took over 6 months for me to accept it. But I finally realized when I had a throbbing headache that lasted for a few days, and I had ruled out every other possibility.

This is my 6 month of feeling dizzy. Before that I had a h.a that lasted 104 out of 113 days.
My skeptism was because I figured that everyone was trying to make that long headache I once had into a migraine.
When in fact that was caused by a bulging disk in my neck. Never had dizziness until 6 weeks after that started and had a BPPV attack, then the 2nd one 6 weeks later put me over the edge. I think my disk issue, and all the anxiety, stress and BPPV kicked it all off.

Its weird, even with the aura and all the lightheaded, and all the extra dizzy, I only had slight pain for about 10 min’s in my forehead, right eye, then it all turned into the dizziness… 7hrs later still feel off, more than usual. I will be curious to see what the doc has in store for me.
His ofc is closed on Monday. The PT phoned and sent a fax saying I have vest. Migraine and needed to be treated. At this point never discussed meds.
Really hoping its nortriptyline. Just have a feeling that maybe my best bet for some reason.


Many of us have a hard time believing in migraine as the cause of such weird symptoms…especially those of us who never had a true migraine style headache. I was talking with Dr. Hain and he said he was skeptical that I had migraine until I pointed out that I had 2 auras. Only 2 my whole life…and he said, Yup! You have the make up for migraine…so it was a deal sealer.
As for the rest of what you are going through…better late than never! At least now you can go forward without wondering what if!!

I fully support your interest in trying Nortriptyline. It seems to have the best track record, and most people can tolerate it. I have been on 10mg for 4 days and its been super easy so far, the only side effect is dry mouth.