Ahoy tri-state / east coasters! (weather-related question here)

Calling all tri-state / east coasters: have you had a terrifically difficult time with dizziness & migraines over the past week / week and a half?

I was getting both my classical and vestibular migraines under control (relative newbie here) until last week’s big bad storm put me under for over 90 hours (serious room spinning vertigo, crazy tinnitus, ear-popping like mad - not to mention a classical migraine that almost landed me in the ER for an IVs sweet, sweet nectar). And this week’s storm has my migraines at it again… (vertigo, partial blindness + double vision, level-7/8 pain, ear popping, the works!) When I do that math I’ve had less than 10hours in the past two weeks where I’ve been classical & vestibular migraine-free. Whew! I’m pretty exhausted.

So! If you have any tips on how to manage weather-triggers & their nasty aftermath, please let me know. I know vitamins can take up to three months to really kick in, same with Topamax. Right now i’m managing with hot baths, cannabis, a very migraine-friendly diet (flaxseed! spinach! yams! flaxmilk!), peppermint oil, regularly going to the gym and vestibular therapy (I’m at NYU & love them), doing my Bs and avoiding screes as much as possible (I type with my eyes closed!). And Imitrex when the pain reaches that point. I love brooklyn but… I’m getting close to permanently flying the coop.

PS - starting botox soon… if anyone has feedback on how it helps with dizziness (I know it’s effective with classical migraines) – please share!

Hi primer,

I am in the North East and yes, my dizziness has been out of hand in the last two weeks. The weather might have been a factor as the pressure varied by a full 1 unit within a day or two, though I have other things going on as well.

The best thing to do is to avoid the avoidable triggers wince we can’t control the weather (and I read that it is best not to be outdoors then), but I have no good suggestions about how to manage weather-related triggers otherwise. Sorry :frowning: . Once we have overall improvement/control of the migraine situation and our threshold goes up then we will be less susceptible to the weather changes…

grrrr… this is just the pits! but good to know i’m not going entirely crazy.
(they’re actually testing me for BPPV next week my dizziness is so profound)

My vestibular therapist said her menieres patients were having an equally difficult time with the rapid barometric pressure changes as well – although she didn’t say anything about avoiding the outdoors… that’s really interesting. A strange thing I do when my ears get super clogged is to use Swim Ear (my neurootologist gave it the ok) - it doesn’t help with the dizziness but it helps with the incessant popping & clogged feeling. It could be psychosomatic but hey! it works. Particularly after a hot shower.

Lately I’ve just been trying fruitlessly to get control over my classical migraines, which has been an endless, laughable attempt (particularly in one of the most provoking cities in the US). And, to add salt to the wound, my insurance declined botox… womp womp :frowning: so, back to the drawing board. Thanks for your insight, @Fussyfussy! very interesting about avoiding the outdoors… curious and curiouser…

Feel better!