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Air or Water Pollution

I’ve been suffering from Vestibular Migraines since May 2016, and often only have symptoms in New York City. At first a therapist mentioned I may be more relaxed while visiting family in the country, but an RN asked me if I’ve ever been tested for heavy metals including copper and lead in my system. I thought about mold but I do not think that is a problem where I currently live. Could it be partially environmental, maybe something in the air or water? Just wanted to share this and hear some comments. Thank you

Yeah, you never know. We have really clean water in Seattle, but I don’t fully trust the pipes in my old 1920s house, so I just use an inline Brita water filter anyways. In addition, I have a cheap HEPA air filter I found on amazon that does pretty well at cleaning the air of my bedroom. Anyways, these are cheap things you can try. Also, depending on where you live you might want to look into Radon gas exposure - it can be a really nasty environmental hazard that many people simply do not know about.

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