Alcohol and MAV

Before you lot say it - im not giving up Alcohol lol…il live with whatever my body throws at me while enjoying myself on a night out …my one guilty pleasure…

Ive realised I have another underlying symptom when drinking - wonder If anyone else has this on a night out,

I become very hot and bothered towards the end of the night (i only drink bottles now and no shorts so am always aware of my surroundings). I have to leave the club/bar to get some fresh air …and this can happen at any time of year even on a frosty night …seems to be a MAV related symptom and I get a funny sensation near (but not) my heart on the left side,. Ive had xrays and a CT scan of my heart and various testing but nothing shows up. Sometimes I think im getting trapped wind near my heart - weird as that sounds. Any of you guys get anything similar ???

Nor should you give up your night out, as long as you can handle the side effects - which sound no worse to me than those caused by some medications. In my opinion, carrying on with your life as far as possible is important!!

Sounds like you’re having a hot flush:grin::…but as you’re probably not menopausal, that is’nt likely to be it!! :laughing:
Seriously, though…it is possibly a bit of ‘fight or flight’ - your body telling you it’s had enough for now. Alternatively, if you have changed from spirits to beer, perhaps it is air bubbles. I suffer periodic spasms of the gastrointestinal tract which felt exactly as they describe a heart attack! - and causes a lot of burping. I take either Buscopan or Hyospasmol anti-spasmodic for relief. No idea if it is connected to MAV in any way, as it has came on and off way before I started this latest bout with the beast. I have no idea any more what is connected to what - I just try to relive the sypmtoms as they appear!

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