Alcohol and mav

hi all,hope your all still plodding :slight_smile: well I would just like to say that I really don’t believe alcohol is a trigger for me could that be possible? as isn’t one of the most potent triggers alcohol? well ive been going out the last few weekends on a sat night drinking rose wine and beer and Sambuca (I even did a 14 hour session on bank holiday sunday) but the funny thing is is that my mav doesn’t get any worse infact the day after I tend to feel quite normalish with a usual hangover! does anyone else feel better on alcohol?

on the plus side alcohol is a diuretic, so may reduce pressure in ear AND its a stress reliever - that could also reduce pressure AND migraine risk.

On the downside it dehydrates you so could that cause a later effect of your body hoarding fluid, leading to more pressure? Centrally it might give you a headache …

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u may have something there james I had three weeks of staying in before this relapse I swear its because I had no wine haha!

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staying in with no exercise is a really bad idea imho … having a healthy metabolism (in part due to exercise) with lots of water is a must

I feel “normal” when i drink alcohol, no dizziness or headaches, they stop in the first can of beer, but after some hours they come back again…

I always have some dizziness but it really doesn’t get any worse I seem to stay at this baseline, it would be great if it would just go away for good though,heres hoping!

Takes me two :smiley:

Through all the years with Menieres, alcohol never seemed to bother me. In fact, the first time I even heard it could was at a party (no pubs in S.A. in those days!), when my ENT sat blearily staring at me pouring a glass of wine and remarked “you should’nt be drinking, you know, …it can trigger some people…” !!! Must add that I was not drinking red wine at the time (which is purportedly the worst??), neither had I heard about the ‘cumulative effect’.
At this point, alcohol is less of an issue for me to avoid - so I have stayed away from the red wine…just in case. The odd brandy or beer does not seem to be a problem…only a pleasant relaxant!

But lets face it, having a tipple before MAV was rarely an ultimately painless experience! Good riddance to hangovers!

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