Alcohol and migraine

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Interesting. The case study suggests it’s about doing whatever relaxes you. :slight_smile:

ive always believed this james I never once stopped alcohol as I seen it as my time to enjoy myself meaning I was relaxed, and I feel its never been a trigger for me anyway, I love the stuff :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure the biggest trigger is stress. I believe something physical is going on and a migraine is secondary to those events. I think you have the best chance of remission once you are fully relaxed. Just accept the condition, don’t panic and it will fade.

Enjoy your wine, Mellybob, cheers to that!

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this is very true, I was once living proof and will be again :slight_smile:

I feel that the triggers of MAV are idiosyncratic. Each of us has to find out what stimulates the negative symptoms of vertigo, nausea, headache, tinnitus, etc. The best way to do this is to omit the major culprits for a month and then add back small amounts, one at a time, to see the effect. Stay on Nortriptyline or Amitriptyline while you do this. It may be that to handle stress, we need to keep the jug of other potential triggers at a very low level. Having coffee everyday, or alcohol everyday, is cumulative and when major stress or over-activity , or over-exercise occurs, the neurological set of symptoms begins. Over time this will happen with more frequency. I have been there. I started with occasional vertigo et al, and then progressed to almost constant problems a few years later. At first, a Benedril or Meclizine would work and later on, nothing would help and I would end up in the emergency room by ambulance. I deteriorated over time. I really wish I had been put on the trigger awareness regimen a lot sooner. I now can maintain functioning levels, without medication, most of the time. Give yourself a chance - try eliminating the 6 c’s at least, for a month, and see if it helps. Then add small amounts back into your system. It has worked for many people, even though we are never carefree. (

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