All migraineurs should be treated with magnesium

Stopped taking Magnesium for about a week. I found the dose was causing some side effects like fatigue and mild nausea. I recently started up again today.

I am taking 300mg Magnesium and 200mg B2. I will likely add a bit more. Looking for a good balance.

Does anyone think I should add Coenzyme Q10 too?

You might look into Linpharma’s Dolovent. It’s a migraine specific compound of vitamins, minerals and enzymes at clinically tested quantities. I took it for a long time and liked it. I quit simply for cost reasons. I’m on $400US/month of other supplements for joint and structural issues and had to choose the most critical.

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Very recently read a newspaper article by Jo Elvin (keyword ‘gymnast chalk’ in DM headline) who swears by magnesium to alleviate straight classic migraine. Interestingly she wrote it was three months before she really saw any benefits. Articles on the internet in many varied forms. I won’t upload it here, too much other junk therein.

I’ve been taking 400mg magnesium glycinate for a while now and it took about 3 months to have an effect. For the most part it really helps, I definitely have fewer bad days. I think it’s also down to a few dietary changes and medication as well however!

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I take 500mg magnesium daily - no idea if it has helped but it does help with medication side effects such as constipation. It also helps with restless legs and sleep. I’m trying to get up on to the 400mg of B2 my doc wants me on but every time I get up to 300mg , a few days after, I start feeling really nauseous, it took me a while to work out it was the B2 so I’m stuck on 200mg of that for now. I’m not clear how long we should take these vitamins for at such high levels.

The Dolovent up above basically has everything all in one tablet so you don’t have to think but it is expensive. I have seen it recommended by Neurologists for migraine. I haven’t bought it as I think I might have problems with the B2.

Really good point. And another. If one is taking several different ones how on earth does one know what’s doing or not doing what. The comments the migraine specialist neuro gave me are posted above but she certainly wasn’t in favour on ongoing use. Btw I lasted one whole week on 100mg B2 so good on you.

I have a question should I take the whole 600 mg at once or can I space the pills through the day? They are 200 mg each

I take 5x 120mg magnesium glycinate per day (2 after breakfast and 3 after dinner).

Since starting magnesium glycinate 8 weeks ago, I’ve seen gradual improvement in my symptoms. Less bad days. When I wake up in mornings I dont feel as off balance anymore and the tingling in my feet has died down alot.

Prior to this I was only taking 300mg Coq10 & 400mg B2 for 1 year and my symptoms didnt improve much at all.

I cannot say with absolute certainty that magnesium improved me, but theres definetely a good chance!

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Wow this seems quite a lot! I didn’t realise we could take this much. Glad to hear it’s doing you good. I take one magnesium glycinate. Maybe I should up

Edited… ooohh, 120mg. I see

Research it first. Dr Hain recommends 500mg daily from memory.

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I take 400mg daily, split over two meals so 200mg at each meal.

Ideally doctors should be start patients on low doses and monitoring the symptoms. And then gradually increasing it to a level where symptoms decrease. I dont know about other countries, but in the UK doctors dont even consider a steady approach like this. I know you can even get magnesium via IV or periodic injections, which could also be helpful for some patients.

None of the neuro’s I’ve seen, have focused on the role of magnesium at all. They all say “take it if you want and see if it helps”.

Annoyingly when you have a blood test, magnesium levels come out normal so they brush it off and say your fine.

Just to add, I sourced my 600mg dosage from the Migraine Trust: Supplements and herbs - The Migraine Trust It even suggests that patients can take even more than 600mg.

I took a combo of Magnesium (600mg) and B2 (200mg). Initially they worked quite well. However, I started having delusional thoughts and perhaps a bit of delirium and I stopped taking them. I got very little sleep over a period of 48-72 hours and experienced erectile dysfunction. Before I stopped I think my eye color stood out way more too. My eye colour was deep blue. Usually it is less noticeable in my opinion.

5 days later my head still feels watery and my inner voice sounds a bit strange. My balance is also a bit off. I swayed a bit when walking. One positive is that I don’t seem to be experiencing the same facial sensations I used to.

It is hard to know what is going on, but maybe I should consult a doctor.

Hopefully this wears off in a few days. I have been taking these supplements since early Dec and they really seemed to help with the migraines…

I’m currently looking in to magnesium supplements and am wondering which specific brand of magnesium do people have? There are so many different types (citrate, sulfate, gluconate etc). Please can someone recommend a brand of magnesium which is available in the UK?

Hi Louise, I take magnesium glycinate by Nutri Advanced. I get it at a discount through my Nutritional Therapist though, she did lots of research as I can be ridiculously super sensitive and this was the one we decided on. If you google magnesium and the website, they have some great articles on the different types of magnesium. It’s a US article so not much help re brands, but good for info on the different types. I think some types of magnesium can be difficult on the tummy!

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I take the same as @CB2006 too! it’s very easy on the stomach!


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: x