All things equal, do you feel better at a high elevation or a low elevation?

I personally find a high elevation when dry can make me better, but I haven’t done enough testing.

Also the cabin pressurization made me feel better. Cabins are de-pressurized to 10,000 feet or so.

I do worse at high altitude. Dehydrates me and feel headachy.

The only effect altitude has had on me was my tinnitus would improve with it. The higher I am the less tinnitus. Respect everyone is different.

Being worse at higher elevation can indicate Eustachian Tube Dysfunction apparently.

Glad this was just brought up.
We are planning a trip to the Grand Tetons and Rocky Mountains this fall; I was concerned about the affects of altitude on VM.
Wonder if Emily @flutters has issues when she goes to the mountains?

I have ESD. I definitely experience worse MAV at high altitude. It’s worth it. Totally. Being that close to God should be overwhelming.


Oh it’s so beautiful!!! :heart_eyes: