So I was wondering if allergies were somehow related to migraines? I get bad allergies in the spring and fall (I also have asthma) and I noticed that my dizziness is much worse when my allergies are flared up. This might just be another trigger for migraines but I was wondering if maybe for some people allergies could cause the migraines and mav? I remember awhile back during the spring time I was having a hard time with my dizziness and then I started taking an allergy medicine (I don’t remember what it was but I think it was singulair?) and my dizziness got a little better. That may have been a coincidence tho? So just wondering what all of your thoughts were on this and if it was worth asking my doctor about it?

I don’t know about the allergy relationship but I think some people on the board have some success with antihistamines in relieving some MAV symptoms so maybe both conditions work on some similar pathways?

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So I was wondering if allergies were somehow related to migraines?

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I think so, at least for some people. I know allergies trigger me. My seasonal allergies really aren’t that bad compared to other folks but they do sometimes trigger MAV symptoms. As a matter of fact, for several years before my MAV diagnosis after the onset of 24/7 symptoms, I would have bouts of vertigo that most often came at the same time as the allergy flare-ups.

Yeah I guess that would make somewhat sence. I could def see it being just another trigger like foods, lack of sleep…but I’m not sure if allergy meds would help at all? I mean allergy meds reduce inflammation which is sort of what we want to happen for our migraines so it could?

Yes, I am in no doubt that there is a correlation between my MAV bouts and my allergies, as it’s often worse in hayfever season. I have had a morning of sneezing sneezing sneezing when the pollen count is high, then by afternoon really dizzy. I find on these occasions Piriton or Clarityn help.

On the other hand I also get MAV after e.g. a bout of flu or an ear or throat infection. I reckon anything that tampers with the delicate ear/nose/throat mechanisms, and I’ll add eyes to that too (fluoro lights, 3D films etc), and stomach (wine, rich foods) can set off MAV.

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I think there’s an allergies/congestion link: if a eustachian tube plugs up (I tend to have only one that gets plugged - not usually both unless I get a cold), then you’ve already got your vestibular system off-kilter. Throw in a migraine trigger, and you’re off and wobbling…

As doctors said, people with allergic rhinitis were determined to meet criteria for Allergiesandcures far more likely than people without allergic rhinitis. In fact, those with allergies were approximately 14 times more likely to report migraine headaches compared to those without allergies.

I honestly believe this is one of my main triggers. Pollen and also pollution like right now from the fireplaces in my city because it’s getting cold again - i’m hoping for wind with this next storm coming through tonight - the wind helps the smoke from settling around the city.

I’m already getting scared because usually pollen season starts here in late January - early February - not happy - at least usually i’ve got something to look forward to in the late Fall - into Winter - getting time of for holidays and usually i feel better - this year was different but usually i feel better.

Singulair - that remins me i may try that one again it seemed like it might have helped a little years ago. i need to talk to my dr. next week. seems like our bodies get burned out on the antihistmines nad you have to keep switching :frowning:

my allergies have gotten worse and worse almost every year the past ten years - i think now that i think about it it could be hormonal issues for me - first peri and then menopause. I"m post menopausal now.