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I’ve had a return of some of the more acute symptoms. Several short (minutes) dizzy spells - some coupled with mild vertigo. While things have been a lot worse than this it’s still frustrating to to back slide. Anyway, I think I’m starting to see a pattern here: every Fall things seem to go to crap - then early winter I start to see a very gradual improvement. Sometimes the more acute symptoms fade out entirely by late Spring and early Summer then late summer and early fall everything goes to crap again. I’ve considered the possibilty that allergy could somehow be triggering this before and ultimately abandoned that for other theories. After watching this for three and a half years though, I do think I’m seeing a seasonal pattern. I have been allergy tested (twice) and they found a severe mold allergy as well as significant allergies to ragweed. These are all things that you would expect to get worse in the Fall - especially the ragweed. I’m taking an antihistamine again. In the past antihistamines did not stop the dizziness but this is a different drug so perhaps it’ll work better for me. Also taking allergy shots. Problem is that, because I’m so allergic to mold, the Doc wants to start at a very low dose and progress very slowly. Any benefits I might get from the shots is probably many months (or years) away. Anyone else looked into allergy as a possible cause or trigger for their symptoms? Anyone else see sort of a seasonal cycle?


When I was REAL sick, that first spring was horrific. i couldn’t even change my gaze without becoming completely disoriented and DIZZY AS HELLLLL!

I’ve always gotten some dizziness during allergy seasons.

I checked into allergy shots also, but GUESS WHAT??? They also (like everything else :frowning: ) contain MSG.
As sensitive as I am to MSG it would have been a bad move for me, no doubt.

I have terrible sinus problems, but they really aren’t seasonal, they are year round. I tested for molds, cats, and a few different types of trees. I will say this though, when my sinuses are acting up, so are my MAV symptoms.

Just wanted to mention the MSG in case you are sensitive to it (and if you are - don’t trust your Doctor to know that its in there- because chances are he won’t :frowning: )


Thanks for the tip about MSG. I am trying to avoid it (per HYH) but as far as I know I’m not particularly sensitive to it so I’ll probably press on with the allergy shots. Why the devil would they put MSG in ALLERGY SHOTS for pity sake!?!?

It’s interesting that you have year round sinus issues. Mold is considered a perennial allergy (although in most areas I believe it does get worse in the Fall) so your mold allergy could be triggering your sinus trouble.

I had a lot of sinus trouble around the first year that I devoped balance issues and I was living in a house with a serious mold issue at the time. I’ve sinced moved and the sinus issues are much improved.

There is a doctor out in LA - Jennifer Dereberry - that I saw about a year ago. She’s a big name in the field of dizziness and Meniere’s treatment. She’s written a lot about allergy triggering severe balance issues and even full blown Meniere’s disease.

If nothing else, I have one more thing to try. Fighting this battle is the only thing that’s keeping me from getting seriously bummed out.

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