Alternative medications - Olive Extract, Propolis

Hey guys,

Has anyone tried using Olive Leaf Extract or Propolis to treat or prevent migraine? If yes, does it work?

At this stage I am ready to try anything!!



Hi Grace
After suffering bad migraines throughout my life (73 years) inc childhood migraines, I have probably tried every alternative treatment (including olive leaf & propolis). Must have spent thousands of dollars on them & thousands more on ‘alternative’ practitioners! If I’d ever found anything that really prevented my migraines I would have written a book or set up a practice
to share my knowledge with the thousands of people (including many in my own family) who suffer the horrendous pain of migraine headaches.
I follow the migraine diet fairly stringently but for me, although it may reduce my trigger level, the only relief I have found is from medication. I would love to have a natural way of getting rid of my migraines but somehow I don’t think it is going to happen in my lifetime, however, new discoveries are being made daily & I’m sure the good news would soon be headline news worldwide!
My advice would be keep trying the natural remedies (if you an afford them) but don’t expect too much!

Yes and no it didnt work.