Altitude changes

Hey everyone,

Since I feel better in the car (it masks all the movement that I feel 24/7), I was wondering what you guys think about me traveling up north (altitude changes) this weekend. We want to take our son to an Easter event 2 hours north from Phoenix, and I’m worried in case I really do have some type of inner ear issue as well, (I’m pretty sure i have MAV too), that this will cause further damage to myself. Will this effect migraines and cause me to get worse? Just wondering what your opinions are. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hard to say, but last summer when I was feeling particularly bad I found a bit of relief from a 4-5 hour car ride each way across the state and over a mountain pass. We went to Seattle from Spokane one day and back the next. I felt better that weekend than I had in a long time. So, from my experience, I say go for it if you really want to. Of course there is no guarantee of the outcome, but it sounds like a nice time with your family.

Thanks Marci, I think I’m just going to go for it and see what happens.